[PAID] BulgaR Housing/Properties [RedEM:RP]

BulgaR Housing/Properties [RedEM:RP]

BulgaR Housing/Properties is a resource for RedEM:RP which allows you to own and manage properties.


  • The script has 46 houses and keys configured.
  • Each house has its own keys, you get 5 of them upon purchase.
  • The house can be closed or opened with the keys.
  • You can give someone your spare keys ( room-mates :smiley: ).
  • The person with the keys has access to the house stash and wardrobe.
  • Possibility to buy more house keys (Can be disabled in config).


  • Works on OneSync.
  • You can easily add more houses if you want.
  • The script saves the homeowners in a “.json” file not in MySQL.

redemrp_inventory 2.0 ( u have to do some easy edits, instruction included )
bulgar_doorlock (Included)
pNotify (Included)

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redemrp_properties - We have used this script as an inspiration.

UPDATE 16/12/2021

  • Better blip display on map. (A separate blip for free and owned houses.)
  • Added new config option “Config.OwnerBlipName” (Set to “true” if u want to use house owner “Firstname Lastname” instead of “Private Property” on map blips.)
  • From now on, only keyitem owners have access to the house. (Useful if you want to sell the house to someone else without the server administrators help.)
  • Code optimization, unnecessary things removed.
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UPDATE 07/02/2022

  • Added possibility to buy more house keys (Can be disabled in config).
  • Every key owner can buy more house keys.

UPDATE 08/02/2022

  • Code improvements for house menu.
  • Added support for my new future plugin.

UPDATE 05/04/2022

  • Fixed Menu for “House 26”.
  • Better Script Optimization.