[PAID] BulgaR Bath System [RedEM:RP] & [VORP] & [QBRCore]

BulgaR Bath System for [RedEM:RP] and [VORP] and [QBRCore]

Just take a nice bath [RedEM:RP] and [VORP] and [QBRCore].


  • Easy to setup.
  • Easy to translate, all in config.
  • There is 2 locations configured by default in Valentine and Blackwater, you can add as many as you want in config file.
  • U can set the price for bath, all in config.
  • By using some keys you can wash your head, hands, legs…
  • More u can see in Full Preview.


  • Works on OneSync.
  • You have access to the config files and notifications settings ( The rest Client and Server Side is secured with Cfx’s Asset Escrow system ).
  • More u can see in Full Preview.

Dependencies for [RedEM:RP]:
Server Version 4752 or Above !

Dependencies for [VORP]:
Server Version 4752 or Above !

Dependencies for [QBRCore]:
Server Version 4752 or Above !
QBCore RedM Edition

[FiveM Asset Escrow System]
Script is protected using Cfx’s Asset Escrow system, u can still edit the most important parts of the script and ofc config files.

Code accessible No (except for “notifications.lua” and “config.lua”)
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) ~600
Requirements Stated above in Dependencies
Support Yes

Full Preview
YouTube :point_left:

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UPDATE 08/07/2022

  • Now Also for QBRCore.
  • Fixed some clothing removal.

UPDATE 06/09/2022

  • Added Instances, this should fix the problem when multiple people use the same bathtub.

UPDATE 02.02.2023

  • Updated to RedEM:RP Reboot (2023).
  • Old Version will be still available on your keymaster.

UPDATE 09.07.2023

  • Script Price Reduced ( Around 10% Cheaper )