[PAID] BulgaR Sheriff Job [RedEM:RP]

BulgaR Sheriff Job [RedEM:RP]

Sheriff’s jobs with interesting features for [RedEM:RP].

VORP VersionBulgaR Sheriff Job [VORP]


  • There is 8 sheriff offices added by default ( Easy to add more or delete, all in config ).
  • There is 8 sheriff wagon spawn places by default, near every sheriff office ( Easy to add more, delete or disable this feature, all in config ).
  • Easy to add new wagons into sheriff wagons menu ( All can be added or removed in config ).
  • Every sheriff office has own shared locker for sheriffs ( U can disable locker for any office separately if u dont want it for a place, all in config ).
  • Sheriff Armory for every office, easy to add or remove weapons, ammo or items into it u can set price for weapon or just set 0 for free ( U can disable Armory if u dont want it, all in config ).
  • Duty system with payout for sheriff, on duty sheriff will get payment every x minutes ( All can be set in config or disabled if u dont want it ). → PAYOUT PREVIEW
  • Sheriff mobile menu can be oppened by command ( U can set any command u like in config by default the command is “/sff” ).
  • Sheriff can search targets inventory ( U can disable the feature if u dont want it ).
  • Sheriff can Destroy/Remove Vehicles from map ( U can disable this feature if u dont want it ).
  • Sheriff can use handcuffs from menu or inventory ( Handcuff system can be enabled or disabled in config, server.lua and client.lua for handcuffs is open source ).
  • Any player can use handcuffs if the handcuff system is enabled, hanfcuffs can be used from inventory.
  • Sheriff can use Prison/Jail menu !!! U need my other script for this feature, BulgaR Prison/Jail [RedEM:RP] !!!
  • Sheriff badge when u are on Duty.
  • Sheriff badge logo on the screen when u are on Duty ( Can be disabled in config if u dont want it ).
  • Practically anything can be set, disabled, enabled, added, deleted, modified, translated, etc in the config.
  • More u can see in Full Preview.


Server Version 4752 or Above !
BulgaR Prison/Jail [RedEM:RP] - Optional for the Jail Menu !

[FiveM Asset Escrow System]
Script is protected using Cfx’s Asset Escrow system, u can still edit the most important parts of the script and ofc config files.

Code accessible No (except for client side stuff and config files)
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) ~1100
Requirements Stated above in Dependencies
Support Yes

Full Preview
YouTube :point_left:

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