[PAID] BulgaR Barbers [RedEM:RP]

BulgaR Barbers [RedEM:RP]

Change your hair and beard.


  • All hairs from “redemrp_skin” creator.
  • All beards from “redemrp_skin” creator.
  • Barbers in Valentine, Blackwater, Saint Denis. U can add more if u want.
  • More u can see in Full Preview.


  • Works on OneSync.
  • You have full access to the client side code and config files. ( Server Side is secured with Cfx’s Asset Escrow system )
  • More u can see in Full Preview.

Server Version 4752 or Above !
redemrp_skin ( u have to do some easy edits or just use the updated one from github )
pNotify (Included)

[FiveM Asset Escrow System]
Script is protected using Cfx’s Asset Escrow system, u can still edit the most important parts of the script and ofc config files.

Full Preview
YouTube :point_left:

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