[RedEM:RP] redemrp_properties | Housing & property management in RedM

RedEM: Roleplay

RedEM:RP Properties

Version: 1.0.0

GitHub: https://github.com/RedEM-RP/redemrp_properties

Documentation: https://docs.kanersps.pw/docs/redem/


RedEM:RP Properties is a property management resource for RedM. Currently it features a housing module built in but is made to be extendable through easy to use modules. There are a few example modules that come with RedEM:RP Properties, we hope that this can start the creation of more community creations :slight_smile:

Current features

  • Built to be modular
  • Housing
  • Kitchen β€œhealing”
  • Purchase framework
  • 40+ built in houses




Main contributor: @Kanersps
House data: @amakuu
QA Team: People from our Discord, thank you for your help!

And of course all contributors from GitHub!


Good stuff. Kane:)

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Good stuff. Kane

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Nice release :slight_smile:

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Cool release boss.
A video would be better.

great script, just need to put a closet inside

How can I view the script and edit the locations of the properties. Theres a few i want to ad but cant figire out where

everytime i try to purchase home i get this error any help anyone?

Same. Not sure what the issue is beyond the error code. :confused:

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Typo in rememrp_properties/modules/kitchen_heal/sv_main.lua line 7 and redemrp_properties/modules/core/sv_main.lua line 17…

In both cases just change exports.redem_roleplay:getPlayerFromId(_source) to exports.redemrp_roleplay:getPlayerFromId(_source).

Hope that helps you and @AEGIS. :slight_smile:

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