[RedEM:RP] redemrp_properties | Housing & property management in RedM

RedEM: Roleplay

RedEM:RP Properties

Version: 1.0.0

GitHub: https://github.com/RedEM-RP/redemrp_properties

Documentation: https://docs.kanersps.pw/docs/redem/


RedEM:RP Properties is a property management resource for RedM. Currently it features a housing module built in but is made to be extendable through easy to use modules. There are a few example modules that come with RedEM:RP Properties, we hope that this can start the creation of more community creations :slight_smile:

Current features

  • Built to be modular
  • Housing
  • Kitchen “healing”
  • Purchase framework
  • 40+ built in houses




Main contributor: @Kanersps
House data: @amakuu
QA Team: People from our Discord, thank you for your help!

And of course all contributors from GitHub!


Good stuff. Kane:)

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Good stuff. Kane

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Nice release :slight_smile:

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Cool release boss.
A video would be better.

great script, just need to put a closet inside

How can I view the script and edit the locations of the properties. Theres a few i want to ad but cant figire out where

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everytime i try to purchase home i get this error any help anyone?

Same. Not sure what the issue is beyond the error code. :confused:

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Typo in rememrp_properties/modules/kitchen_heal/sv_main.lua line 7 and redemrp_properties/modules/core/sv_main.lua line 17…

In both cases just change exports.redem_roleplay:getPlayerFromId(_source) to exports.redemrp_roleplay:getPlayerFromId(_source).

Hope that helps you and @AEGIS. :slight_smile:


sir this def worked !!! thank you so much, any info on heal myself in my house error? i attached the photo below if not it is cool you’ve been helpful thus far and i highly appreciate it

i purchased house but it didnt save when i came back any clue is that an sql database issue?

I’m not totally sure as I don’t have the framework installed at the moment, but looking in the github repo at redemrp_properties/cl_main.lua at master · RedEM-RP/redemrp_properties · GitHub line 56 seems to have a similar issue with the name on that DisplayTip usage…

exports.redem_roleplay.DisplayTip(0, "Healed!", 1000)

Should be:
exports.redemrp_roleplay.DisplayTip(0, "Healed!", 1000)

Not sure if that’s what’s causing your main issue but it will at least fix that DisplayTip error.

Again just guessing here cause I can’t test it personally, but looking at this file: redemrp_properties/sv_main.lua at master · RedEM-RP/redemrp_properties · GitHub

It looks like this module doesn’t actually write to the database, on line 18 there it writes to a JSON file located at server/data/ownership.json within the module. Maybe your server was unable to write to files there?

Maybe try purchasing again and check the console for any errors that come up when it tries to write to the file. If that’s not giving any errors, have a look at the file itself and see if it’s actually managed to write anything to it. If it has, then maybe there’s an issue with your player ID / steam ID or whatever it writes to the file as your identifier.

Hope that helps! Best of luck!