[PAID] BulgaR River Activities [RedEM:RP] & [VORP]

BulgaR River Activities [RedEM:RP] & [VORP]

Some Activities Related to the River.


  • Easy to Setup.
  • Easy to translate.
  • Almost everything can be configured in config.
  • Possibility to fill an empty bottle in the river.
  • After filling the bottle, we get clean or dirty water in the bottle.
  • After drinking the water the bottle will be back empty in the Inventory.
  • Drinking dirty water may result in poisoning.
  • The sick/poison time can be set in the config.
  • During sick/poison our character will lose the Food and Drink status every X seconds additionally the vomiting animation will appear.
  • U can heal your character sooner with an antipoison/antidote.
  • We can drink water directly from the river without an empty bottle, can be disabled.
  • We can wash our character in the river, can be disabled.
  • More in Preview.


  • Works on OneSync.
  • This one is Open Source, there is no encryption.

Dependencies for [RedEM:RP]:
Server Version 4752 or Above !
redemrp_inventory 2.0

Dependencies for [VORP]:
Server Version 4752 or Above !

Code accessible Yes
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) ~400
Requirements Stated above in Dependencies
Support Yes

Full Preview
YouTube :point_left:

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