OneSync 'Infinity': how to use it

A while ago, the FiveM client/server got support for ‘Infinity’ mode for OneSync, which combines player entity culling, player culling and (hopefully temporary) removal of automatically-generated population.

This post seeks to quickly detail some commonly-asked questions.

What is OneSync: Infinity?

  • A mode allowing (up to) 1024 players at this time. We have only tested 600-ish in load tests since we couldn’t get any more players, but it held up quite well in the end (on a server with minimal resources)
  • To accomplish this, it uses the following technological changes:
    • Removal of population to save object ID pool space. You can still create (some) synced/networked peds using script, however.
    • Player ped/vehicle culling. No entities will be created on clients outside a ‘focus zone’, which currently is hardcoded to 300 units around a player. We’re still looking for a better algorithm.
    • Player culling. No players will be created/deleted locally outside of the focus zone too. This means that all player iteration will have to happen server-side.
  • It also has a bit better performance than ‘plain’ OneSync at this time due to player ped culling, and works around the so-called ‘head blend bug’.

What are the gotchas?

  • A new common crash: kilo-xray-tango. It’s quite rare depending on how densely packed players are, figuring out a consistent repro would be very welcomed!
  • Automatic population is disabled as otherwise you’d run out of object IDs around 200-300 players. (a global maximum of 8192 spawned entities exists at this time)
  • You need a Platinum subscription, or a ‘manually granted Infinity’ group membership at this time. Once it’s developed further, we may consider allowing tiered player caps for lower Patreon subscriber tiers.
  • A number of scripts will need changing. Admin menus, ‘teleport to player’ UI and scoreboards definitely won’t work directly. Loops are still up to 256 max (or using GET_ACTIVE_PLAYERS), but will only find nearby players.

How do I use it?

  • Make sure your key has a premium: pt subscription identity. You can generally see this on keymaster.
  • Add +set onesync_enableInfinity 1 to your server startup command line - it won’t work if you add it in the .cfg.
  • Make sure onesync_enabled and sv_maxclients are set appropriately.
  • Fix scripts that end up showing incomplete lists.

Support FAQ

Everyone’s instanced, I only see myself?

That’s supposed to happen. Get closer to other players, and fix your player listing scripts.

How do I get all players on the client?

Not at this time, we’re still investigating efficient ways to send this data along. Currently, you should use server/latent server events for this.

We expect people to release a few helpful helpers in the #development:releases section for this.

Why is X built-in feature showing an incomplete list?

Report it! #general-discussion:1s-reports

Why is this paid? :frowning:

It just is. This might change after the Commerce release.


Yes, :mascot:!


Great to see FiveM growing. Will we expect to see the Patreon requirement for access to 64 slots lowered?

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That will be interesting.

Don’t think so, various reasons for this.

What is the commerce release? Was there a post I missed?

Where Patreon One Sync need it?

You need to have ‘‘pledged’’

Infinity is awesome
Mad respects to FiveM devs

Looking forward to using this in the future, the deal breaker right now is getting all player data together but I’m sure it’ll get there in the end :slight_smile:

Might even make an infinity branch :stuck_out_tongue:

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i think that’s awesome!!! but… what about all those natives not yet supported by onesync engine? Is this still being investigated?

Read the post!

Just wondering will this at some point be free to use for 32 slots or for the existing 64 slots?
Would really like to be able to test with this without having to pay extra for a license I don’t really have any use for personally.

How do i Get One onesync

Hi, you can test OneSync, up to 32 slots it is free, you don’t need any patreon tiers for that.

Yeah I knew that part about it, but that’s not the case for OneSync “Infinity” with 32 slots unfortunately.

Hm - this might be an artifact of the earlier beta preview. Adding to the todo list for next client update, hopefully.

It is free for 32 slots


I have included +set onesync_enableInfinity in my launch parameter:

/FXServer.exe +exec server.cfg +set onesync_enableInfinity 1
left sv_maxClients to 32 since i want to adopt to it before i public.

how do i know that onesync is working ?

It will say FiveM-OneSync in the upper right hand corner.

Well it says Fivem only but NPC’s are gone. is it a sign ?