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This is a beautiful request system with satisfying sounds that allows players to accept certain actions, such as: buying vehicles, being hired to a job, accept invoices, trades, show your ID card when someone asks for it and others.


You can set:

  • The title of the request.
  • The message of the request.
  • The time it will stay on a player screen.

It lets you:

  • Choose between a dark/light theme.
  • Send multiple parameters.

Players have the hability to:

  • Accept a request.
  • Decline a request.
  • Block all the requests (which can be accessed by typing โ€˜/requestsโ€™), preventing themselves from receiving requests from others.

It comes with a complete tutorial on how to use it.

[How to use]

Server side - TriggerClientEvent(โ€œokokRequests:RequestMenuโ€, source, target, time, title, message, trigger, side, parameters, parametersNum)

Client side - exports[โ€˜okokRequestsโ€™]:requestMenu(target, time, title, message, trigger, side, parameters, parametersNum)

  • The target field defines who receives the request.
  • The time field lets you set the time the request window will stay on the screen.
  • The title field is where you set the title of the request.
  • The message field lets you choose the message that will appear on the request window.
  • The trigger field is where you choose the event that will be executed.
  • The side field allows you to choose if the trigger is client or server sided.
  • The parameters field contains the parameters the trigger takes.
  • The parametersNum field are the number of paramenters used.

Notifications are not included.

[Available Themes]

Download (4.99โ‚ฌ)

Get this resource at Tebex

  • Standalone

  • No IP lock

  • Source code

  • Fully customizable

  • Easy install

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Wow, pretty unique, never seen it before, nice release!

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Okay, this is unique AF, okok never fails to surprise and bring good content. GLWS! :heart:

EDIT: Iโ€™ve bought it, iโ€™ll be using it for my server, seems good and works good.

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Thank you for your words :slight_smile:

I can add to exs_society? For example, when I go to the bossโ€™s menu and hire someone who appears to accept or reject?

Yes, you can add it wherever you want.

Solid work my dude. This is great for dpEmotes when you want to do the shared emotes and need the otherโ€™s validation.

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