OCRP Postal and Minimap (Server Side)

Here is a server side version of our postal map and the minimap

Big thanks to @JakeK and Jeff Favignano for the postal map
and a big thanks to @DementedDude and his release ([Release] Custom Mini Map) that I borrowed some code from

Postal Code Map Example

Minimap Example



And here we go, one of the best servers releasing quality content. Thank you!

it just works, i love this and love anyone attached to this… been waiting my whole life for this!!!


Looks Nice!

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This map will be show to everybody on the server?

is it posible to use another custom map ??

great post works amazing, only thing is the postals show different on the map then they do on the nearest postal script, anyway to fix that? or do you have a script like that that would go with this map.

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yes its lovely

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They have a config for our map, but thats not something we made so you’ll have to figure that out

No, but you can make your own using the same concepts

Can u make this script so u can toggle the layout on a button ? like if u are in a car u can press G to toggle the map layout On/Off ?

No, this is just the map, theres no plans to add anything to it, you can always use another script for that kind of thing

ty i just did it by changing stream files

Did not work… I added this to my server, started the resource and started my server… But when I went in game it was just the default minimap… I even checked if I spelt the resource in correctly and didn’t… pls help

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Thanks so much for the release!

works perfectly. thanks for sharing!

Wow… Didn’t even know SetMapZoomDataLevel was a thing! Thanks for the release and being the reason that our map can now be fully server side (our members previously needed the mapzoomdata.meta).

Does anyone have the original Mini Map Resource by @DementedDude? I saw it got removed for having a flawed system but we’ve previously had it and it worked fine for us? I don’t know.

how can i do to remove minimap

if anyone knows how i can get the client side version of the mini map please reply/message me thank you!!