[MLO] Rockford Hills Police Department Headquarters


The city has got a new, beautiful headquarters of the Police Department!
Original style, space for action, versatility and much more in the new interior of Rockford Hills Police Department Headquarters!
Make your server unique with this interior design
Give players more wagering opportunities!
There is a place for everyone here: Policemen, citizens and, of course, bandits!


  • 5 floors
  • 2 training rooms
  • Conference room
  • Meeting Room
  • Toilets
  • Offices for heads of departments
  • Chief of Police’s Office
  • Office for a large number of people
  • Cells
  • Interrogatories
  • Room for photographing police officers
  • Mugshot room
  • Evidence room
  • Large garage
    And much more…



[MLO] Rockford Hills Police Department Headquarters Walk interior
[MLO] Rockford Hills Police Department Headquarters Motion Video

:art: Purchase: Tebex Store (77,99€) :art:

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Looks very nice, we have your Vespucci Police Interior and are quite satisfied, so we might be looking at picking this one up as well. However, how come the post advertises 70 Euro and your Tebex page shows just under 85? :thinking:

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Hi! Thx
It`s just tax from Tebex…

amazing map!

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Amazing map again, great use of the space available in that area’s building space, defo going to pick this up when I can :slight_smile:

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Nice work, mate

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Thx mate!

Thank you very much!)

Thank you man!

honestly gonna probably remove MRPD, gonna talk to other peeps. Be great to switch to this.

already love using the sheriff station <3


Looks amazing, i love the aesthetic… it looks so precisely made

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Thank you very much!)

Looks great. Probably the best I’ve seen for Rockford Division! Good job

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This is very beautiful! Maybe one day it discounts I can cop… Regardless wonderful work!


I love this so much, I’m definitely getting myself a copy when I can!

I hope someone does a Rockford Hills Fire Department HQ soon!

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Thank you!
Later i will added FD and City Hall in this place)

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Well, I’m expecting a nice fire station from you, I’m looking for a nice fire station in los santos and the only one I can find, the nobody there sells anymore.

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i hope he makes one cuz i would like to see that happen too

How does it perform along side GN’s Mount Zonah? Too many mlos can be taxing on a client.

Hey, interested in this MLO. Does it link up to the city hall MLO if you have both of them or no?