Rockford Hills Rich House Interior [MLO]

Video: Rockford Hills Rich House Interior [MLO]

A great addition for player interaction.
Looking for a new place that no one else has? Here’s your option!
An incredible building filled with many luxurious rooms where you can have fun and have unforgettable parties with your friends.
Wealth and luxury await you inside your home!
The beautiful interior [MLO] for richest people in Los Santos for your server.



  • More than 10 rooms;
  • Basement;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Secret room;
  • Book room;
  • And more…

Purchase: TEBEX STORE (29.99€)

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Rockford Hills Rich House Interior [MLO]

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FIX 1.0:

  • Fix corner light;
  • Optimized interior;
  • Add more objects to interior;
  • Reworked basement.



Very nice! I’d just reset normals so you don’t get those weird corners on the shell & add some lighting,which seems to be missing in some areas

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Thanks for your comment!


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As @Hedwig said, more lights, more lights and once more, more lights.

Afterall, very nice MLO, keep up that good work!

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Thanks mate! Yes, sure, now i add more light for this corners)

Very Nice, I just ordered it :smiley:

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Thanks mate!)

Looks very nice! Question, does the garage work?


Thx! Yes, next update i will create garage for this house)


Very nice!

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Everything a bit small and tight in the villa. Send you pictures that you know what I mean by it. Railings and doors quite tight. Behind the desk you can only get by jumping and much more. I’m not happy with that but the front door is beautiful.

Thx for feedback it’s will be fixed

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