[MLO] [MAP] Mrpd - Mission Row Police Department


Our most beloved plot has acquired a full upgrade!
New Interior and new Exterior!



  • Custom Shadows;
  • New Exterior;
  • LOD`s;
  • Custom Audio;
  • All Textures Changeable;
  • 2 Helipads;
  • Large Garage;
  • Workspaces;

And more…



  • Reduced size;
  • Added Decal to enter garage gate;
  • Update LOD`s;
  • Little bit changed color vertex for better showed.




[MLO] Paleto Bay City Hall
[MLO] Richman House #2
[MLO] St. Fiacre Hospital
[MLO] Vinewood Police Department
[MLO] “Pizza This” Cafe Vespucci
[MLO] Paleto Bay Office
[MLO] Secret Weed Farm
[MLO] Italian Cafe Vespucci
[MLO] Richman House
[MLO] Rockford Hills Police Department Headquarters
[MLO] Davis Motel and Shop 24/7
Vinewood Auto Showroom [MLO]
Vespucci Police Department [MLO]
Davis Sheriff`s Station [MLO] (2 theme)
Maisonette 10: Night Club [MLO]
Rockford Luxury Auto Showroom [MLO]
Vapid Auto Centre [MLO]
Rockford Hills Rich House [MLO]
iFruit Phone Models (13 models)

TEBEX STORE: Freedmanh Interiors

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based Subscription and standalone maps avaliable
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements Game Build 2545+
Support Yes

Great work Freedmanh, as usual.
I think this is perhaps one of the best versions of Mission Row that I’ve seen with Gabz being the other.

I think I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars.
You’ve made great use of the space of the building, the layout of the building is fantastic and there’s not just floors but layers to the building which is really nice. I think the offices for example feel less crowded than your Vespucci and Vinewood which is great for moving around. There’s some really nice modelling in there, the lighting is pretty nice too.

I wasn’t a fan of the parking lot outside if I’m honest, it feels a little too plain and some of the graphics you’ve used inside could maybe be better. Like the room nameplates not being aligned centrally and the “Obey and Survive” being too close to the other logo. I think using to protect and to serve OR obey and survive as a slogan works best, rather than using too slogans and some of the hallways maybe look a little bit the same or empty, but then it’s a big map, you maybe don’t want to pack too much into one space.

Once again though, great work.


Does it have audio occlusion

He is have. If you have any problems with mlo - send me details to email or discord, please

Could you please update your Discord Invite Link? It does not work for me

I check right now all link from Tebex and YouTube and they works. Where you have Invite link which not work?

Update: In my profile CFX? I changed link, you can use that.

How heavy is the map resource wise ? Pretty light or quite heavy ?

Around 60-70 mb

Hello in the mapping, do you have shooting stand ?

Looks stunning!

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is the 3d texts on walls are editable?

You can changes all textures what you want
3d text you can change with 3d program

All rooms you can see in walkthrough video
Also, in next time we do updates for this interior and other main interiors on our collection (Like Hospital and other PD`s)

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Hey, is it possible to change the textures of this mlo?


Oh, sorry. Haven’t seen it. Thx

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Is the Map Compatible with nearby GABZ MLOs like Bean Machine / Pillbox and others?