[MLO] Rockford Hills Police Department Headquarters

These two products work perfectly together now

I more meant the bridge that connects the city hall and the pd building together. Can you walk between the two MLOs via the tunnel bridge.

No, there is no such possibility yet. In the future, I will make a bridge between the mayor’s office and the pd when I update the pd

Is it support game build 2545?

Yes, sure

Using escrow or something? I want to custom

This mlo not use encrypt system or something

Support gamebuild 2545 i mean there’s no road will gone?

What do you mean about “road”?

Texture problem, loss of certain street

No, it`s not dependent from build

I got information from other people “You have a map on your server that have outdated ymaps to gamebuild 2545. Turn off a map one by one to see which one it is.” I had the problem that I mentioned above. After removing some mlos which had outdated ymaps, some of the missing roads/street reappeared.

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This is your opinion. There are no problems with this interior

There is no helipad?

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Hello, how much it cost? i like it so much

Just click on the link with title “Purchase” in topic

The tebex store no longer works? is there a chance you can fix that?


It’s works

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