[MLO] Vinewood Auto Showroom

Vinewood Auto Showroom

Quite a rich and well-known showroom, which was in a deplorable state a long time ago, is functioning again!
Now, here you can buy new, elite cars for your garage!
This showroom will be an excellent addition to your server, where people can spend time, buy cars, and interact with other people, and maybe even steal one of the examples…


  • Very optimized;
  • HD textures;
  • Low weight (29 mb);
  • Custom Timecycle;
  • 2 floors;
  • No drop FPS;
  • Main showroom;
  • Manager’s Office;
  • Meeting room;
  • Garage;
  • LODs;
  • All windows and doors opened.



Vinewood Auto Showroom [MLO]
Vinewood Auto Showroom [MLO] Motion Video

:art: Purchase: Tebex Store (25.99€) :art:

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