Luxart Vehicle Control V3

I would finally like to introduce Luxart Vehicle Control V3 to the community as a whole. This script has been in the works for more than a year now, originally as minor modifications to a full rework and expansion of the original script.


  • Siren Controller HUD: A small togglable and adjustable visual representation of the scripts functionality modeled after real siren controllers.

  • Additional Tones: adds 6 tones originally unutilized in V1, V2

  • Siren Assignments: now you can pick and choose which cars get what sirens. Models can have 3 to a theoretical unlimited amount of sirens. Different departments can utilize different sirens.

  • ELS Style Siren Hotkeys: utilize your numrow to quickly select which siren you want

  • Adjustable Manual / Auxiliary Tones: Change which tone to use for each manual tone (primary and secondary) as well as the auxiliary tone.

  • And Much More: Siren Park-Kill, Traffic Advisors (w/compatible vehicles), Take Downs, Extra Toggling, Enhanced Sound Effects, Lockout…


All the instructions and information needed can be found on our new website:


All updated, suggestions, bug reports can be made under the issues tab. Download the releases not the branches. There are stable and prereleases (betas).

Example / Premade Configurations:



Watch the video below using time stamps to navigate the explication of LVC v3.


Luxart Vehicle Control was an ingenious creation by Lt. Caine! Thank you!

ELS Clicks added by Faction, this added realism pushed me to get into developing in the first place. Thank you!

All credit to those above who contributed their projects can be found here:


do you maybe have a video showing the script?

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Hoping to get one added soon. Unfortunately do not have an up-to-date video to demo this.

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Can’t wait to try this out.

Does this work for all vehicles or is this version just for ELS vehicles?


Just ELS Styled Hotkeys so you can use your number keys for sirens! So still just a light controller for Non-ELS Vehicles from what I see with a couple big revamps :slight_smile:

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Awh right cheers.


:fire: :heart: awesome stuff; Thank you !

Awesome stuff broski, thanks for your contribution to the community. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Nice release , I see you invested a lot of work and time into it , but I don’t want even to see the consumption on the script…Most of the siren control script are using like hell…

Been using versions of this for months, love it.

Does anyone know where to get cars that are made combatable with the traffic advisers? I would love to know.

Someone just asked me about these today, while I haven’t tried them they look promising:

You’re likely using Factions version of LVC what I call v2 (what LVC V3 is based on), one of the most widely used scripts in FiveM. That consumes about 5-10ms client side. Its network calls are managed quite well with Lt. Caines logic.

The additional features added to LVC bring the client-side 10-15ms. Approximately 5ms average higher. You may have noticed LVC uses Plugins to expand its functionality (Traffic Advisor, Extra Toggling, etc.) this adds more overhead approximately 10ms however these plugins are still on their first release and can be optimized AND are optional developers can pick and choose what features are right for them.

RageUI the menu adds a larger overhead (~45ms total) when open but, that is something not often used day-to-day.

I have tried my hardest to use programming best practices and thread best practices outlined here: [Best practice] Improve your resource performance

THIS IS NOT ELS though which has a very very very high overhead and is what most people complain about when it comes to siren controllers.

LVC V2 (Faction/LtCaines): 5-10ms
LVC V3 (Base): 10-15ms
LVC V3 (w/all plugins): 20-25ms

Love this.

Is there any way to make it so turning on the turn signals has the same noise as the hazards going on/off? That’s really my only pet peeve with this is that they don’t make a noise when being switched on/off. I’d fix it myself but I have no idea where to even begin with it.

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Beta Revision Made

  • 3.2.5-beta-rev1: fixes attempt to index nil table when Traffic Advisor plugin not installed.
    • Files Changed: UI/cl_hud.lua
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Ahh yes, GTA V only has turn signal SFX for some vehicle hashes, not all. Too prevent duplicating the sound I chose to only play the custom SFX on hazards toggle. Look near here: LVC V3.2.4 - /UTIL/cl_lvc.lua#L783-L828

Add the lines below to the associated left and right turn signal toggles.
PlayAudio("Hazards_On", hazards_volume, true)
PlayAudio("Hazards_Off", hazards_volume, true)

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99% of the server used Luxart until they switched to infinity. It was almost not usable on Infinity as it had too many events thrown from client > server. It resulted into Network Overflow.

Is it fixed and Infinity Ready?

The network framework is Lt. Caines’.

1 additional server call is made on client startup only to pull the version information. No other modifications have been made to Events. If Luxart Vehicle Control by Lt. Caine (V1), or Faction (V2) work on your server, this should also work. :slight_smile:

If you’re still having network overflows with the previous versions, consider disabling/removing turn signal syncing.

I would like to know how to make them work. I use SoCalThero’s vehicles, and am testing them. They don’t seem to work. I don’t know how to integrate them into your system.

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