[Release] Luxart Vehicle Control ELS Clicks

Luxart Vehicle Control ELS Clicks

I have been looking into the dev part of FiveM so I decided to attempt to make click sounds for Luxart Vehicle Control, it turned out better than I thought. I got the idea from ELS and Luxart Vehicle Control, so I decided to make it more realistic and give it that ELS feel. I saw others have tried to make it but I never found who made it. I decided to release my version on the FiveM forums.

From @Lt.Caine:

This server resource allows for synchronized ELS-style siren control and features, as well as synchronized indicator and hazard lights.

Does not affect or control vehicle emergency lighting (this is not ELS)

Change Log:
12/17/19 - New upgrade sound
6/30/20 - Added sound for manual sirens
7/10/20 - Fixed bugs for manual siren and horn
8/20/21 - 3.0 Realism Released (More Info Below)

3.0 Changes

  • New Light Reminder For Better Realism Gameplay (This Can Be Disabled In The client.lua Under Configurations)

  • New 3 Choices Of Click Sounds For More Options, I’ve Been Working With ShotsFired932 With New Sounds

  • Lowered Volume Click Sounds For More Enhanced Focused Gameplay
    (Volume Can Still Be Changed In client.lua)

Please Report Any Bugs Or Gameplay Issues


2.0 Version:
Download: Luxart Vehicle Control ELS Clicks 2.0

NEW 3.0 Realism Version:
Download: Luxart Vehicle Control ELS Clicks 3.0

Here is a video example: (Updating Video Soon)

Click Sound Pack Install Guide


  • Luxart Vehicle Control is coded by @Lt.Caine.
  • ELS Clicks added by @Faction.
  • Sounds from ShotsFired932.

This script IS Luxart Vehicle Control but With ELS click sound. Luxart is NON-ELS and made by @Lt.Caine (ALL CREDIT TO CAINE). My version adds the ELS sound clicks

Please keep in mind @Lt.Caine is the orginal maker of [Release] Luxart Vehicle Control.


This is very nice. Will be adding this to my very own server, good job.

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Can you make airhorn for Emergency vehicles serverside? Maybe interactsound from entity (veh)

Airhorn functions already come with Luxart Vehicle Control and they are synced serverwide.

do you think you could add a script in to make it so you can see the lights (if in firstperson) like ELS when you press CTRL + P

Can you send a screen shot of what you mean?

Do i still need ELS-plus?

This is Non ELS script, Luxart is Non ELS

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Oke thank you

Awesome release! Was looking for this for a while! Do you think you could add a “beep” every 5 seconds when lights are activated? This is often a feature in patrol cars to let the officer know they have their lights on during they day. I do have a pretty clear sound bite of the beep from my local pd, I’m sure it’s universal, may just be a different sound for different sirens departments use. If you would like it shoot me a dm!

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I can try to attempt it when I get home, I will DM you when I get home

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Amazing job Faction Joshua just recommended this script I didn’t know if you were still in the FiveM community but I will be checking this out for sure once I get home

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Been looking for this!

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I saw others try to make it but it was not as advanced, I’m glad you found what you’re looking for

Great job, what siren pack is that?

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Thank you! I think its CenCom Red but I could be wrong

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Just wanted to let you all know, I pushed out a new update

put it into guthub, easyier for you and for us to keep track of your changes

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That’s a good idea!

Can you check your dms please

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