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I think that this Server, is one of the best servers (If not the best Server) You could possible join. We have Active members on each day for Patrol, we have Respectful Staff and Community Members, and More. this is a really great server, and I love it Personally.


One of the servers I have been apart of. Amazing staff and overall community. The server runs smoothly with the help of the amazing head administrations and senior administrators.

Amazing server w/ wonderful staff and administration. I recommend 100% to join. 10/10: :star::star::star::star::star:

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Bump!- New Administration Changes.

Merry Christmas! As a present, how about you join this wonderful server?!? :christmas_tree::santa:

Bumping the post we are still recruiting!!!

Why should we have all the fun?! Let’s allow others to come and enjoy GSRP with us.


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Just got verified with the RoF!


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You guys should join :wink:

I only joined a couple of days ago and so far it has been amazinf evryone is so friendly here. Definatley an amazing server. would put it up with one of the best servers out there

Thank you for the kind words! :smile:


Bump!- Why haven’t you joined?!?

Training Day!