Trying to find a place to dispatch

Hello, My name is B. Ward and i have many RP experience in running dispatch and dispatching. I have done if for so many communities i cant even name them all. With my dispatching i take it very seriously. I have the 10 codes on one monitor, Cad on another with TeamSpeak open so i can see if someone is hot miced when they are not supposed to be. I can adapt to basically any type of cad but the two cads i have used the most are Modern Solutions CADs and another one called DCRS cad. DCRS Cad is free and easy to use. With me dispatching if needed i can set up the DCRS Cad and 10 Codes as well as a penal code. I will sometimes stream while dispatching if thats ok.

14+ Community
Patrols on a normal basis
Nice and friendly people.

If you are interested please message me on here.

feel free to check us out

Hello B. Ward

We are actually looking for a dispatch director, we opened our new server. and all ranks are open for dispatch. You can take a look at our post if you are interested.

You can contact me on discord
my username : J.Kremers#3443

Add me on Discord: Imqlode#0001 We need a dispatch director and have patrols twice a day

Vortex RP| CAD/MDT | Police/Fire/EMS/Civilians | Serious RP | MANY SCRIPTS & FEATURES |Whitelisted Cops| we need cop dispatchers civs etc

Dear Mr/Ms Ward.

Hi, My name is Will. I would like to inform you about Thurston County Role-Play. We are a growing community with two Teamspeak Servers, two FiveM Servers, A CAD/MDT, Discord, and much more. We are an application based community made of Current and previous MidwestRP, DoJ, OCRP, Dark Shield, and ACDC. You can apply on our website: . We hope to have you on our team.

TCRP Official Fan Server:

We at Los Santos Emergency Service (LSES) have 2 servers. A regular RP server which is our training server it is a standard server which has custom EMS,LEO and Fire Vehicles. Perfect for training and even simply honing your skills! Server 2 is our ESX Server which is what allows money, Civ jobs etc. Server 2 has an ever growing list of custom vehicles. It also has new jobs being added as you read this! We are a growing community and would like to have people to help us mold our community into a large thriving community! We invite players with creativity! We are hiring in all aspects Volunteer Fire, Volunteer Ems, Leo and Civs! We need creative minds to help us enhance our server and to help us pave the path to greatness. We are accepting all players from no experience to Master RP’er. We have a custom CAD, Cars(for all emergency services and Civs) and an ever expanding job list for the CIVs to earn legitimate(or illegitimate) money. If you would like more information please feel free to message me or join our discord!

We are currently in need of a Dispatch Director. We are a expanding community that thrives on creativity of our members! Please feel free to reach out to me and even join our discord.

Hey, we are looking for a dispatcher!

Custom Cad and everything take a look at us

Hi Come Join GunSlinger’s Roleplay. I am the Comms Supervisor in the Community & if you have experience
we would love to have you in GSRP. We have alot of members in the Community. Here is our FiveM Forums:

Currently looking for a Dispatch! Come join!

AND looking for department heads too!

Hello there! My name is Damien, one of the Directors for WWRP. We are a new FiveM Server based of the Western Section of Washington State. What’s Western Washington you may ask? Well, it Mainly consists of Seattle, and the southern neighboring towns like, Kent, Renton, Puyallup, Tacoma, and many other cities. We are mainly focusing on Seattle Police for a City Police Department, but don’t worry, we offer a lot. We also have the King County Sheriff’s Office, along with the 2nd largest County in WA, Pierce County. And must I not forget the Washington State Patrol. All 3 of these departments have a lot on the table for you. So here are some of the basic minimum Requirements to join:

At least 16 Years Old
Have a valid, working copy of GTA 5
Clean and Clear Mic
TeamSpeak 3
WWRP is still a WIP, which means, our custom cars are the only thing holding us back from any sort of recruiting, but don’t worry, we do have vehicles as of now for those who would like to participate in a patrol on server. Our cars are going to be exactly as real the real deal. Each Vehicle for all departments, are going to not only look alike, but take your breath away with the time, work and dedication from our developers.

We have more rules and regulations for those who are interested in joining us. If any of you have any questions, please ask in the discord linked below here!

Discord Link -