Looking for server to join asap

Welcome to Limitless Network!

Limitless Network has just been through some major upgrades. With staff and policy changes, our server is finally back online!

At Limitless Network we pride ourselves on keeping realism and role-play to the best standard that it can be. We are a mature and friendly community with a lot of members having gamed with each other since 2017.

Our FiveM Server:

  • Custom LEO Skinned Vehicles
  • Custom M-Menu for Roleplay use
  • Lag Free Server Scripts
  • Lag Free Vehicles!
  • Custom EUP Uniforms
  • vMenu Based Server
  • Developed Server
  • Nice Looking CAD/MDT
  • And more!

Currently hiring:

Our community is once again open to new members.

(NEW) Pasco County Sheriff Department

San Andreas State Police
San Andreas Fire and Rescue
Limitless Network Civilians

No lengthy application process, just a quick “get-to-know-you” interview with our certified Field Training Officers on TeamSpeak. They will develop and run a personal training programme with you, based on your experience and past. This can be your first server or your one-hundredth, we can tailor to you.

We patrol six days per week and take Wednesdays off for meetings/event planning. At 7PM EST

However, our Server is open at all times and many members like to game additional hours.

Website: http://limitlessgamingnetwork.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/NCPhRGD
TeamSpeak : IP:ts.limitlessgamingnetwork.com
FiveM Server:

To apply for any professional role, connect to our TeamSpeak and head down to the Interview Lobby.
You can jump onto the server as a Civilian without any prior contact, but we prefer that you at least introduce yourself on Discord.

Who are we looking for?

We consider ourselves as a serious roleplaying community, with structure, organisation and professionalism. We have a lot of fun and would prefer that you are able to remain serious whilst in character.

Those that enjoy themselves most, are looking for somewhere to build and develop a realistic RP character (whether as a Law Enforcement Officer, Firefighter, EMS or Common Crook).

Members must be over the age of 14, own and use a decent quality headset and be available for at least 2-3 patrols per week. Our membership currently ranges from ages 14 to 25.

Most of our Law Enforcement Officers have several characters for use on our server. Civilians have the freedom to live and develop their life, how they see fit.

We have plenty of options for a Civilian, between running a large legitimate business with various employees about the city, to running a large scale (less than legitimate) drug empire behind the mean streets of Los Santos.

Most choose the blurry line in-between.

Our officers won’t pull you over just because they notice that you are a player. Our server although menu-based still builds characters and we take them seriously. If one dies we have a funeral. This is not just a cops and robbers server this is a realistic life roleplay within a menu-based server.

It would be impossible to describe the daily life of one of our officers. Much like the real world, you would not be able to guess how your day is going to go when you get up for work in the morning.

Our office features a full underground bunker, equipped with a functional forensics lab. We’re able to run Gunshot Residue Tests on perps, as well as collect their DNA. In the Lab, we can match crime scenes to DNA even years after the crime was committed.

Our CAD/MDT is the perfect partner; along with having a dispatcher in your ear, you can feel safe knowing that you have the whole of the state’s resources at your disposal.

We feature complex investigations that can take days of planning to work out, to your standard traffic stop or domestic complaint. We’re currently trying to locate information on a gang whose MO is to coerce and kidnap small-time criminals. As you can imagine, it’s difficult getting these victims to testify.

Last week, a weather disaster struck the city and the officers had to execute the safe evacuation of our citizens. First and foremost, we are here to protect and serve.

Thanks from the staff

Network Director: - Edwin S
Network Deputy Director: - Jammal R

Hello we are looking for active cops and criminals feel free to come by and visit with us Dreamland RP | No Trainers | 300+ custom vehicles | Custom Jobs | Gangs | Active staff | ESX and Economy based | Whitelist Police/EMS/Mechs |

@Shadow_Gaming, I think we have the server just for you! We are a whitelisted server and have a very mature player base with the average age of 16+. We encourage you to check us out and apply on our website, and join our PR server if you have questions! Also, check out our forums post (linked below) for more information.

Public Relations Server: http://discord.gsrpc.com/

Forums Post: GSRPC | Golden State Roleplay Community | Whitelisted | 15+ | Exclusive Cars/Scripts | Professional Standards | Custom EUP

@Shadow_Gaming I sent you a PM.

Hmm. I guess not. Can you add me on discord then: wolf#7573

We are looking for staff and players! Join us now!

Are you still looking i have a sever If you want to join

Come check us out. We’ve got EUP, custom resources, and some positions available.

https://hillbillybran89.wixsite.com/website legionrp

Michigan State Roleplay was founded in April of 2019 and has since grown to over 1100 members. We are a whitelisted community who utilizes vMenu to encourage the free flow of roleplay and aim to accurately represent Michigan Law Enforcement as it would be experienced. We have many former, current, and aspiring law enforcement officers in our community from Michigan and around the world.

Our Website: https://michiganstateroleplay.net/
Discord: https://discord.gg/YJpbY5R
Department of Public Safety

We have several departments for you to chose from covering all basis of Michigan level law enforcement as well as several others in the making such as the US Coast Guard to encourage water roleplay.

Currently Available Departments:

The Michigan State Police & Michigan Department of Natural Resources
The Wayne County Sheriffs Office
The Detroit Police Department
The Detroit Fire Department
Each department has several subdivisions, some of the most common being:

Air Support Unit
Canine Team Unit
Motorbike Unit
Gang & Narcotics
Traffic Enforcement Unit
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement
SWAT / Emergency Support Teams

We also have a very active civilian department, our civilian department is constantly hosting events and even has a Federal Aviation Administration in order to qualify members to utilize aircraft. Some of our most recent events include the MSRP Racing Series where you can win prizes and also organized weekly events such as a Fight Night, Gumball Race, Parades, etc.

Come check out Cook County RP!

Cook County RP is a community based on Cook County, Illinois and Chicago. The server was created by 4 friends who got tired of the toxicity common in some servers and wanted to create their own community where people could join and have fun without the toxicity. WE ARE MADE FOR THE PLAYERS, we strive to make the server what our members want. If they want a car added, we will actually consider it. Have an idea for a plugin? EXCELLENT! Send it to us and we can take a look! Think something should be changed? No problem! We also love to give people the opportunity to work their way up, you will not be stuck as a Officer for an extended period of time, we also promote people to Moderator regularly.

We are an economy based server with MANY fantastic jobs, cars, and plugins. All vehicles are as realistic to the IRL liveries as they can be (Minus ISP, we decided to have some fun with those liveries). We strive to maintain a realistic and serious feel, with Active staff, while still having a lot of fun.

Departments hiring:
Illinois State Police (ISP)
Chicago PD/Evanston PD (CPD/EPD)
Cook County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO)
Chicago Fire/EMS
Cook County Communications

If you are interested please join our discord, we would love to have you as a member of our community!
Join our http://discord.gg/aYR3nNV
See you there!

hey man just released my server if ur interested in joins shoot me a message


We are relatively new to the platform compared to some servers, but we have lots to offer. California Coastline Roleplay has been up for about 2 months. We are looking to expand our player base. We have a VERY active staff team. We also have custom development. We have lots of experience with the platform. We have VERY little downtime. We are based in San Diego County. Come Check Us Out.

What We Offer:

  • :floppy_disk:vMenu
  • :police_car:Custom LEO Vehicle Textures
  • :policewoman:Custom LEO Clothing Textures
  • :policeman:EUP
  • :red_car:30+ Addon Civ Vehicles
  • :houses:15+ Custom Interiors
  • :police_car:San Diego Police Department
  • :police_car:San Diego Sheriff’s Office
  • :police_car:California Highway Patrol
  • :rotating_light:Dispatch
  • :clipboard:San Diego Bail Bonds
  • :ox:California Department Of Wildlife And Conservation
  • :computer:FULLY Developed Discord
  • :heavy_check_mark:No Department Amount Restrictions
  • :+1: 13 YEAR OLD AGE LIMIT
  • :ok_hand:Great Roleplay
  • :ballot_box_with_check:DDOS Protection Through Hosting Service
  • :desktop_computer:CAD SYSTEM

Come Check Out California Coastline Roleplay Today!

Discord: https://discord.gg/qrcghYd

Twitter: https://twitter.com/CaliforniaCoas5

Welcome to Tac One Roleplay!

What We Offer
• Custom Law Enforcement Vehicle Skins
• Custom Law Enforcement PED Skins
• VMenu
• CAD/MDT System
• Custom Scripts
• Daily Activity
• Serious Roleplay

About Us
Expectations are high and role-play quality is a critical factor in each department within the community. In this community with its own custom assets, you must understand that you will be held to a standard like no other. You will be placed in a mandatory training that must be completed before being accepted as a member of our community. Welcome to TAC-1 RP!

• Must be 16+ years of age at the time of application.
• Must possess working, clear sounding headset.
• Must have a legal copy of Grand Theft Auto V for PC.
• Must be able to fluently understand and speak English.

Available Departments (Subject to change)
• Los Santos Police Department
• Blaine County Sheriffs Department
• San Andreas Law Enforcement Agency
• Civilian Department
• Communications Department

Apply Now
If you believe you have what is takes to be an asset to the community you may fill out an application using the following link and join our server.


IDOJRP is looking for communities to join us.

HistoryIDOJRP is a community based on the state of Idaho. The server was created by 4 friends who got tired of the toxicity common in some servers and wanted to create their own community where people could join and have fun without the toxicity. WE ARE MADE FOR THE PLAYERS, we strive to make the server what our members want. We are a Complete ESX server with VMenu capabilities |as well", All vehicles are Custom made to match the state of Idaho, All scripts are custom for the server, along with custom EUP, and jobs, and Teamspeak.

What is our promise We WILL cover all the costs associated with running the server. We will provide you the server owner a match for match within your own server. The members your bring over will also be provide with the current rank, and position within your server.

Why trust us The owners of IDOJRP have over 6 years of RP experience, and running different servers.

Why Growing together as one community can help boost the opportunity for all participants.

If this is something you may show interest in Please send me a message on discord @ Andrew D#2891

You are welcome to come and chat with any of the owners of our community at http://discord.gg/aYR3nNV to lean what we can offer.

What we have to offer!