Looking for a new upcoming community

Hello i’m looking for a server that is just now starting that is not chaos. I’t needs to have at least 15+ members and is a 16+ age requirement. I’m also looking to bring my skills as a administrator to the community my years of experience is 4-5 years in both moderation and administration. My goal is to help and to have fun. My Discord is IIcolt20II#5175

@Colt20Gaming, I think we have the server just for you! We meet all of your requirements and are whitelisted. Check us out more below.

Public Relations Server: http://discord.gsrpc.com/

Forums Post: GSRPC | Golden State Roleplay Community | Whitelisted | 15+ | Exclusive Cars/Scripts | Professional Standards | Custom EUP

We are a upcoming community but we are 14+ and we are in need of Staff on our community.
Join the Fan Server and if you want to talk. All up to you!

A very new community.

@Colt20Gaming Hi, I tried to add you on discord but your username failed whenever I tried to send you a friend request. Please add me on discord wolf#7573 and we can talk about my community, thank you.

Your discord name is invalid

Hey @Colt20Gaming Add me on discord Classicty99#2519 and we can talk, we are a very new community, and id love to see if maybe you could work up to an admin place.

You can try Syntax RP.

ServerName: Syntax RP
Discord: https://discord.gg/JyPNqsd
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Syntaxroleplay

PORT: 30120

We are about 5-6 months old still growing slowly. We focus on roleplay and develop our scripts and economy centered around character progression and roleplay. We have spent a vast majority of our time making custom scripts and reworking ESX.


  • Reduced jail time by completing jail tasks
  • Tunerchips
  • Networked phones
  • Car window sync with voice range realism
  • Fakeplates
  • Custom Drug / Selling Mechanic
  • Custom Drug effects / breakdown
  • Custom Vangelico Robbery/Store Robberies

We have a lot more, I’d recommend trying the server out and asking any question you may have on our https://discord.gg/JyPNqsd.

Hey! GCRP is exactly what you are looking for! Our age requirements are 17+, but we also accept people with the age of 16 if they show matureness. If you are interested feel free to check out our forum page or our discord server linked below!

Howdy, we fit that description pretty well except for staff wise. We select our own staff so do not expect to get it for a while until you show what you are capable of. We still recommend you check us out.

You should check us out!

Naaaah sounds lame :wink:

Maybe could we interest you?

I’ll try to sound a bit human when I’m typing this :grinning:

A realistic and Social Roleplaying server - This Network ‘Northern Network’ allows players and user’s alike to roleplay and act as there desired character of choice; Unlimited choices in the things that you want to do anything correlated with roleplay that has an impact on how other’s interact; We would defiantly help add into the city and progress your(s) and other(s) roleplaying experience.

Northern Network is only just starting trying to expand we’re looking for anyone who is interested no matter your skill in ‘roleplay’ we believe that any and all people who enter the field can try their best and re-think, how roleplay actually is.

We are dedicated in our ethic in producing a great Social Roleplay server for everyone with fair and balanced rules there’s not much stopping you expect your roleplay.