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BCSO Highway Enforcement of Aggressive Traffic is now open!

Apply for the BCSO at

San Andreas State Patrol Recruiting!


We have a community revamp in progress! Liveries, Cars, Departments, Organization, HA, is all changing!

We thank all of you 59 members for sticking with us during this hardship, and we look for great things coming :cookie:

Come join us tonight for our roleplay! We hope you have fun here at BGSRP!

Come be apart of this amazing community, but more importantly, family!


Jefferson County Sheriff Officer Involved Shooting!

Come be apart of this amazing community, but more importantly, family!


Our S.R.T. has THE BEST training around, we now have 8 certified S.R.T. officers who can utilize tactics in a team to best respond to threats. We have some really good people here in Bluegrass State RP.


Jefferson County Sheriff Gang and Narcotics Division!

Come join this amazing community, but more importantly, family!

Revamping the community… Stand-by!

Your community completely stole my old logo that is copyrighted, and stole my name, and assets. Please leave.

Austin listen man there is not an Copyright on the name or Logo as far as I have seen and I have copyrighted the logo yesterday since I am using it so tough luck.

XD :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Redneck cars on fivem, paid content, no?

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what is a tier 5 donor?