Im looking to join a community as dispatch

Im Cody I have roughly 4-5 months of experience in dispatching i love doing it and just helping out. I like using cad as it is much easier to understand but if not thats ok. I would like to join a well populated community Thanks in Advance.


Bro, Join our server.

Hello Were a decent sized community got a popular thread on Bazaar. Join our discord for a chat. FiveRP Whitelisted

Hey @Codyharris243

We are still looking for a dispatch director and other higherups within our communications department take a peak at our FiveM Forums post

Forums Post

Community Application

Hope to see you soon
SACRP Head Administration

Hello Cody, We’d love to have you here at Great Lakes Roleplay. Click the following link to learn a bit more about our community: 6ixLife Roleplay | A Unique “Toronto” Experience | Custom CAD | Custom EUP | ESX | illegal & Legal Jobs | All Departments Actively Recruiting! If your interested feel free to join our interview discord!

Your welcome to join UK DOJ RP we play everyday on UK times and we need a dispatcher. And if your not in the UK that’s fine we’re also looking for NA members so we can have RP going on at all times of the day/night.

Hi come join GunSlinger’s RolePlay. We have a great amount of members including Deputy Tyler
from DOJRP, LifeLine RP, Mountain County RP, ETC. I am our Comms Supervisor.
We would love to have you in GunSlinger’s RP.

Hey Cody Come Join GunSlinger’s Roleplay. We are a family oriented Community.
We have alot of member in the Community. I am the Comms Supervisor in our Community.
If you have Experience, We would love to have you apply to join:

@Codyharris243 are you able to join the Fivem server to Roleplay?

you should join my roleplay community we have dispatch open and we have active staff

Hey Cody!

Come check us out at DOSRP!

No apps, and we run OCRP format. You pick your callsign, and when you join LEO, you have the authority to go whatever department you please!

Serve and Protect teamspeak IP come on and we can talk!

Hey i believe you would be a perfect fit for Ezrp > moved

Drop by and check us out.

Hey you? Yea you.
Are you interested in joining a serious RP server to escape your daily lives? Well then haven’t you come to the right place. Hello my name is Lewis and I am an owner of a small community known as ALRP feel free to come join us in our adventure to provide the best RP experience, we have a big future and many, many things coming in the future and we want you, yes you to join us. Features include Bank/Store Robberies, LEO/EMS Jobs and many more in game jobs and activities you can take part in, some legal some not so much so come and and have a fun time, we also do giveaways and fun events.

We strive to be the best, we always listen to our community and like to involve them, We understand that you play to have fun but there has to be a serious part in RP otherwise it would not be fun for everyone.

There are many updates to come to improve the server greatly and the more we are supported by the community the more we bring to the server and to expand the server, we always will listen to our community as we think its the best way of getting to know new people, it brings people closer together and others like to be heard. We welcome criticism and love to have feedback to help us improve.

What are you waiting for head over to our discord and join today. loping for police, admins, dev, custom police cars, customs cars,based in South Africa

Hey! We’re still accepting applications and dispatchers would make our community even greater. If you are looking to join, just go to and send in your application. Good luck Cody!