[FREE] Server Sided Sounds and Sirens

We wanted custom sirens, many custom sirens.
How many? 214. Why? Nobody knows.
But after we finally managed it to do it. Here you go.

Here is a bit of clarify: We don’t actually provide the sirens, but the option to import sirens into the game.

There is a small documentation in our github but it’s actually just a soundbank resource.
As said before you can stream up to 214 Sounds. So you’re able to use the natives for more than just sirens.

Thanks to our server staff, mk7a and the guys on the CodeWalker Discord!

Here is the github: GitHub - fk-1997/Server-Sided-Sounds-and-Sirens

We won’t give much support (especially on the discord above since it has no connections to us) but wanted the community to benefit from the result.

@TrevorBarns did a resource to test the sirens without integration: GitHub - TrevorBarns/Server-Side-Audio-Tester: A repository for testing currently available server side audio stream resources (Server Sirens and Sounds & WM-ServerSirens)


Thank you for this, I’ll try it out tmrw.


ong addy i’m on mobile and it showed your icon and i thought u posted this


I can’t wait. This looks so good to be true. Especially for free.

Can’t wait for update for you! Il try next week for me ! Keep me in touch …

Im using now the from washley and 5$ each siren it’s expensive …

But now 214 siren for free :heart_eyes:


how do you tell the car to use which siren?

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Does this work with ELS? :slight_smile:

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The latest Luxart Vehicle Control by TrevorBarns allows you to easily set your desired siren(s) to certain vehicles.

To the OP: Good freakin’ job! 214 is more than most will ever need :laughing:


You’ll have to use a script like Luxart Vehicle Control Luxart Vehicle Control V3 (Wiki for the integration: Server Sided Audio Integration · TrevorBarns/luxart-vehicle-control Wiki · GitHub) or some ELS Plugins which have their own integration for Soundbanks …

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that pack don’t have sirens in it this pack is a scam

Uhm. I just added a note which describes, that we don’t actually provide siren, but the option to import siren. Sorry for the uncertainty.

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Just curious, if somebody wanted to change the AWC names, how would you recommend going about that?

A simple renaming wouldnt work but the plain-text Codewalker .xml is available for everybody in the Github under _work so you can edit it any way you want. The CodeWalker Discord and Monky´s Dat54 Research Github should be enough to get through the dat54.rel file-structure to change the names yourself .

One thing that will most definitely get you: The Items of the Soundset HAVE to be sorted alphanumerically by the Joaat Hash Value!

This would look something like this


sound_a = hash_cd1cf0b2  = Pos. 3
sound_b = hash_c2dadc2e  = Pos. 2
sound_c = hash_b19e39b5  = Pos. 1


  <Item type="SoundSet">
    <Flags value="0xAAAAAAAA" />

Dont sort the Soundset any other way. You will get muted Sounds or non working Sounds at all!
Every other Item like SimpleSound or DirectionalSound doesnt need any specific sorting. Only the Soundset Item!

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tried to use with Lvc v3 didnt work broke all my vehicles sirens I followed the wiki on intergration literally copy and pasting and just no sirens working, previously used WM-ServerSirens which worked great with LVC so dont know what the issue is here

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Nor do i, i was able to get one set of sirens to work, the others broke and have no sound to them.

It seems like you cant call more then 7 Soundsets at once (Atleast that was reported on the LVC Discord). So try only calling not more then 7 Soundsets for now.

We use ELS+ on our Server wich is calling the Soundsets per each Vehicle and not all Soundsets at once so we didnt run into that Problem during our testing since there are almost never Vehicles with 7 different SoundSets at one Scene.

If there is no workaround for that problem i can put some work into it and make AWC with more slots in them. This could cause other problems with the .awc file size limits though.


I am using the soundset oiss_ssa_vehaud_etc and everything is working fine except for the oiss_ssa_vehaud_etc_frank. Anyone else having this problem?

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Yep this seemed to work for me, only 7 soundsets work.

how is it a scam if its free ?

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The siren tones were never included, the person thought that siren tones would be included.