[ESX] MSK Deathcounter - integrated in myMultichar

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Documentation: Welcome - MSK Scripts


  • Set the maxDeaths allowed before the Character gets blocked
  • Set Admingroups that are allowed to use the Commands
  • Playerdeaths are saved in database users table


  • /deathcounter ID - shows the current deathcount
  • /deathcounter ID reset - resets the current deathcount to 0
  • /deathcounter ID set deathcount - sets the current deathcount to a specific count


Config = {}
Config.Locale = 'de' -- 'de', 'en'
Config.VersionChecker = true
Config.Debug = true
Config.getSharedObject = 'esx:getSharedObject'
Config.maxDeaths = 45
Config.Groups = {'superadmin', 'admin'}
-- This command resets the deathcount to 0 from all characters exept the characters that are blocked.
-- If a character is blocked, the deaths will be set to Config.maxDeaths - Config.blockedCount so the character has Config.blockedCount lives again.
Config.resetCommand = 'deathreset' -- That must not be 'deathcounter' otherwise you break all commands
Config.blockedCount = 3
-- !!! This function is client AND serverside !!!
function notification(src, type, xPlayer, message) -- xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(src)
    if type == 'client' then
    elseif type == 'server' then


Please look at the documentation: Getting Started - MSK Scripts

You can get myMultichar here: [ESX - ENG/DE/ES] myMultichar with Ped Menu, Spawn Selector and Register Menu (PAID)

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~ 135
Requirements ESX 1.2 or above; myMultichar
Support Yes
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This is not free

Now it is and not encrypted

Update v2.1

  • Added command for setting the deaths of all characters to 0

Please read the comment in the config.lua

the problem my Credit Card is closed did you can send another like please ? <3

again, its for free