[ESX] Advancedneeds [AdvancedStatus]

New Update V1.3.0 :

  • A lot of optimizations for both client and server side scripts
  • Add script version checker on startup

if you have been kicked from support channel by mistake today, you can find the invite link from my profile

New Update Version 2.0.0 :

  • Now in your asset manager ! from now on, this script can be downloaded from your fivem asset manager and installed on your server
  • New command for setting specific stat to specific value (debug only)
  • New effect : random Ragdoll ! does exactly what it says ! (mostly used for drunk and drugs)
  • Tick Update reworked : now you can add or remove any stat you want from Config.tickUpdates without any need to modify anything in code
    • Also tickupdates now use less resources aswell !
    • Note : tickupdate config is changed quite a bit, make sure to reconfigure it or will not work !!
  • More cleanups and optimizations

  • Note : This script still offer you 99% of the codes to modify , but a very very small part of it is obfuscated using Fivem Escrow System to stop abusers, it will not affect you at all !

  • Note : Everything new have been commented , just search for 2.0.0 and you will see most changes```

you now should have latest version in your purchased assets panel @ https://keymaster.fivem.net/asset-grants