[Dev-Resource] Mythic Progress Bar

This isn’t supported anymore, stop using it or figure it out yourself


on behalf of those of us not running a framework, thank you for not making this dependent. looks lovely.
i hope to put this to jolly good use!

        animation = {
            animDict = "[email protected]_a",
            anim = "idle_a",
            flags = 49,
        prop = {
            model = "prop_ld_health_pack"

That’s the prop & AnimDict/Anim used

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Clean bar, i love it <3. i’ve a question but no on this specific script, can i send you a private message please?

Go for it, at work so fairly limited to what I can help with but will get to it when I get home if needed.

Very cool, will definetly use this. Just a quick question about that vehicle hot wiring - it’s private resource?

I’ll look into seeing if I can gut out my framework stuff and release something that still functions. I’m not a huge fan of keeping stuff private but releasing stuff that’s tied to my framework that isn’t anywhere close to something that should be released makes it hard.

Pushed an update to add flags for useWhileDead & canCancel. Also added a value check for animation flags so it’s not required to add anymore (Will default to 1 if not provided)

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what hot wiring script are you using?

Custom made

can you put me in contact with that dev?

That’d be me lol

Any chance of you releasing that lockpicking script? Would be sensational, been looking quite awhile!

For using the item? Likely not, as it’s all dependant on framework stuff that isn’t available. But you can do it with whatever framework you’re using by just checking if they’re not in a vehicle but near one that is locked, then lockpick the door. If they’re in a vehicle and if it’s not running … hot wire etc.

Thanks for response. Im currently in my server selling blowtorches in stores and its working good, but just gotta figure out how to do it with lockpicks instead of blowtorches. (Blowtorches is way too fast)

Very nice loading bar. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate this. I have been working on a lockpick system and everything works except that hotwiring. I can’t seem to make it stop hotwiring so that the car won’t start in two second. Any tips on that? I don’t want the code as i want to learn. But a tip in the right direction would be nice Thanks!

That hot wire script looks bad ass !!! will you ever be releasing that?

Yeah that was a pain to figure out, I’m just keeping track of if the vehicle has been hot wired or not and setting the engine status to off if it hasn’t in my engine script.

If you’re meaning the item stuff, probably not as it’s all stuff involving my framework which would be useless for people.

The script that’s handling allow an engine to start or not based off if it’s been lockpicked or not? Possibly, will have to look into if I can get it into a usable state and not be dependant on framework stuff.

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Is this hotwire script your own? If yes, are you planning to release it?

Does nobody read the comments before asking questions?..

Really nice progress bar & lock picking. I already have my own progress bar so will not be using but that medkit animation will come in handy. Appreciate you supplying that :slight_smile:

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