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Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?


I Wonder if single player characters like michael trevor and Franklin will appear in fivem now?

the menu is accessible for everyone on my server x) but there’s only my own steam hex in admin-server.lua

The Admin sub-menu (Admin Menu option in trainer) is the only portion restricted by that hex value. This Menu controls the Time and Weather options.

oh. tought that was an admin only mod menu

You could modify the code so that it checks if your an admin when you open instead of when you access that sub-menu.

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Thanks for the release and sharing with the community, This is a nice menu and everything works, Is there any way you could add the ability to say player peds and player vehicles.

When I’m trying to do some action on online players it always says that player has disconnected. Any idea why is that?

Same things “TheStonedTurtle” The menu can open by everyone with my steam ID

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I think I’ve resolved the issue with this but can’t confirm as I don’t have another person in my test server. I’ve updated the repo so try with the new version (0.1.9), if the problem persists let me know.

@Icaleas, The only portion of this trainer restricted by the hex value is the Admin Menu sub menu in the trainer. If that is showing to everyone let me know, but it shouldn’t be.

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How can you make it so by default the player blips and over head names are enabled?

Update the variable in variables.lua to the value you want. You can also update the data-state value in the HTML but i prefer the first method.

true = ON
false = OFF
nil = OFF

NOTE: I just pushed an update to the repo to move the Vehicle Spawn toggles to be declared there instead of the HTML. See

thank you sir love how easy it is to edit this menu to liking I give this menu a big heart


they always have been selectable through skin/character pickers if you add them to the list

Will there be a save player model feature soon?

Works fine now :slight_smile: Is there any way to hear people in the spectate mode? I’m using proximity voice and because of that I can’t hear people that I spectate. It would be awesome if there was an option to hear people that we are spectating :slight_smile:

Short Answer: No, I don’t see myself adding Player/Vehicle saving anytime soon.

Long Answer: I was working on a vehicle & player save but it’d require a database and I really didn’t want to deal with CouchDB. I am currently working on a character/vehicle save but it is pretty customized for what my end goal is (Different accounts & vehicle garages) so I doubt I’ll ever come back to this feature here.

The logistics behind the spectate is your character stays in place but your camera changes to one programmed to follow the desired player.

To actually hear the players in-game chat we would have to move your character to be physically within range of the target which can lead to many issues.

Is it possible to change any of the other menu items such as the emergency vehicles under vehicle spawning to Admin Only?

Add data-require="admin" to those elements. Seeing as this is created from static JSON you will need to update the var vehicle_emergency JSON found in trainer.js (line 1131)

{ "menuName" : "Albany Police Roadcruiser (Snow)","data":{"action": "POLICEOLD2" }}
is now:
{ "menuName" : "Albany Police Roadcruiser (Snow)","data":{"action": "POLICEOLD2" , "require": "admin"}}

I haven’t tested this personally but I’m 90% sure this will work.

EDIT: You could also update the “admin” to whatever you’d like and create a new NUICallback to handle it.

In example, if you change “admin” to “emergency” and add the below code you will have just created a new requirement to do something. This could be expanded upon to create extremely complex permissions.

RegisterNUICallback("requireemergency", function(data, cb)
  -- Check if they should have access and store it as a true/false variable.
  local result = ""

  -- Check true/false variable
    SendNUIMessage({adminaccess = true}) -- Do the requested action
    drawNotification("You can't access this.") -- Don't do the requested action

if you require something that doesn’t have a NUICallback defined it will never succesfully trigger that trainer option.

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