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Love this trainer so far only things Ive noticed is Torq Boost and power boost do nothing all cars only get to 103 max no matter what setting I set it to and I hafta get out of the car to reopen the trainer. And I could never fully use this for the server unless we can save all our police cars and Uniforms. But man I love what you have done so far, and love the fact I can change things like the Weapons they can use and Banned Supercars and so on. Look forward to the update when we can save things. 8 stars out of 10 Nice work and Thank you so mutch for sharing this! It will help so many servers against Trolls.

Unfortunately I don’t see myself adding any functionality to save vehicles or players, see my earlier post Delete me 4

When you say i hafta get out of the car to reopen the trainer what do you mean? I can open the trainer pressing F6 while in a vehicle.

As for the Vehicle Torque/Power Boost options this has been fixed in V 0.2.0.

what hex is for the steam id? numbers, the name, what? also im trying to add my addon cars to this menu but no luck plus i dont see where the spawn names are ive looked in all the files

Is it possible to only make the F6 menu come up for Admins?

Nope, they appear invisible to other players

U can make version for only admin? Please

@mrdigital01 & @Psychorustle, V 0.2.1 has been pushed which adds the ability to lock the entire trainer to admin-only usage. See the Original Post under Features.

@Xnitro67 Most of the menu is created via static JSON located at the end of the trainer.js file. To add vehicles search for var vehicle_ add add the new options where preferred.

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Seems like a great menu, the only thing I see missing is the ability to save your vehicles unless that is a possibility already.

i press “Online players” and i hit enter and it doesn’t open, why? i am an admin

Thx @TheStonedTurtle nice share and work fine

really you could just make them all save to a text file instead of messing with databases, it would be kind of like reinventing the wheel, but possible if you make the steamid of the client the first thing in each line.

Thanks for such a wonderful server side resource. I think saving it to a text file would work fine, in police roleplay server I run everyone has the same saved vehicles and peds etc. so added cars are easily accessible. The option to have everyone have the same saved vehicles and peds or per person would also be really good!

  1. It requires at least 1 other player besides yourself to be online.
  2. It doesn’t require admin access to see that unless you make the entire trainer admin only.
  3. If there aren’t any other players online you get the message No players in session.

If you aren’t getting the #3 message and you still can’t access the menu let me know.

got the cars working and admin but time doesnt change and the car god mode doesnt work

Two bugs that I found which have probably already been mentioned is that sometimes when you’re in a vehicle you can’t open the trainer back up unless you get out of your vehicle. Also, after a while it will not let you use the up arrow key. Awesome trainer though! Good work!

if you can change it to the numpad be great cause the up key is the player list unless i think thats essentials

hi @TheStonedTurtle thx for you share

y have a little probleme …

notification join left dead ect show (** invalid **)
its possible to desactivate this option ?
and possible to desactivate vocal name on top screen

thx for support :wink:

go into variables.lua and turn the value from true to false, should be something like featurePlayerNotifications

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nice thx work great :slight_smile: