Lambda Menu or similar for Admin Only

Hey guys,
I’m running a server for me and a couple of friends and I need some help.
I’m running the server with the following database:

This server has a menu that has a couple of options but because is a RP server options to change the weather/time, spawn cars etc. are not available which is totally awesome but as an admin I want to be able to change the weather for example and to spawn a car, without having to buy one.
Is there any way to get access to those commands without enabling the Lambda Menu or something similar for everyone but only for me?

Check this out:

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Damn that looks exactly as what I was looking for, cheers mate!

No Problem, I am glad, I was able to help

Yep, that worked.
I had some issues with it, server wasn’t detecting me as and admin but I managed to fix it. It’s working really good now