Announcing Tebex Partnership - Server Monetization / Commerce '2.0'

Fellow Gamers,

After a 2 month early access program, we are happy to announce the general availability of as our official server monetization partner, which replaces the existing commerce system. This is a step forward to allow server owners to monetize their servers and communities. You can read Tebex’s official statement in their blog post.

They are our exclusive provider for server monetization with a competitive commission rate (15%) matching modern commerce services. Tebex offers a wide range of payment methods supporting the most popular server regions and more! With their intuitive dashboard you can launch your own web store within minutes. We are excited to see what you’ll be able to do with this new option!

Profit and “ToS” Compliance

Using their platform will count as ‘built-in commerce functionality’ as described in the FiveM Platform Service Agreement, commonly known in our community as “ToS”. So yes, ‘profit’ is allowed. We know that many of you have been waiting a long time for a “legal” and, most importantly, safe way to monetize aspects of your server(s) and we have been listening.

However, we might instill additional terms to disallow purchasing of Rockstar game content (built-in DLC vehicles, etc.) and mandate tracking of earned vs. purchased virtual currency in order to prevent purchased virtual currency from being used to violate any party’s copyright, including Rockstar’s. If you have any questions, please let us know. We will update you by the time Checkout functionality goes live.

How do I set this up?

It’s simple, head over to to create your store within minutes. The most convenient way to integrate it into your server is by using CFX “commerce” natives. Or you can choose to integrate it using Tebex’s integrations such as MySQL or RCON. We will publish a more in-depth tutorial for the CFX natives in the coming days. We would love for server owners, that perhaps participated in the early access, to publish their open-source implementations in #development:releases.

What about servers that already profit?

Since the start of our relationship with Tebex we have received numerous emails by concerned players about communities that already monetize their servers for profit without the built-in commerce and therefore violate the platform agreement. We have not dismissed these reports and are exploring ways of enforcement. Once we have formalized the details we will announce them. We strongly believe that these communities will be very pleased with the flexibility and opportunities that Tebex brings and therefore encourage them to use it.

We would like to thank Tebex for their great platform and service they provide. If you have any questions or want to share any improvements, we are happy to work with you.

Stay safe. :mascot:

-Cfx Project Team


How is forcing people to use this platform (and collecting commission) anything less than extortion?


I feel like this is going to turn into the same issue that Mojang had when they cracked down on pay-to-win minecraft servers…


The funny thing is we have to pay an extortionate amount to the same company that was profiting off Minecraft too #WhoopBuycraft!


Wait so now you guys allow selling assets because you get a cut? :roll_eyes:


Yes, so? That was always the plan (there’s public evidence to this dating back to 2018 or before), and the only reason ‘selling’ anything was disallowed ever since 2016-2017 was because it’s unfair everyone was trying to make money when the project itself was a) non-commercial at the time and b) not getting any money at all from others trying to profit off of us.

We tried playing it nice and not making any money, but people like you (@breze) and similar people forced us to make the project into a for-profit effort.


Thanks for implementing a proper way of selling stuff on FiveM!


Compared to whom? I signed up yesterday and they have a prebuilt webstore with so much customizability. Better than anything I’ve ever seen. Commission rate is probably also lower than everyone

Twitch subscriptions: Amazon takes a 50% fee
Steam games: Valve takes a 30% fee

Isn’t 15% quite low, then?

Hadn’t even thought about Twitch. Yeah it’s a 50/50 split for subscriptions for my affiliate status. Quite insane

And even for partners. Only some huge partners get 70/30

The big argument there with twitch is that Amazon pay for the servers (in its entirety) that the content is hosted on.

I understand that you guys host an awful lot as well however we do still have to pay for our server costs which our content is hosted on.

If you were to compare it, it would be like expecting Summit or Soda to pay for the server that they stream too, so I am a little bit confused about what you mean there.


From what I know, Tebex never took commission from servers. they only had that premium subscription.
So those 15% are going straight to CFX aka FiveM I guess.
So now CFX gets 15% from all donations + 50$ from patreon for platinum, because, let’s be serious, nobody wants to have a server with 32 slots, so we are forced in a way to buy that Platinum subscriptions.

The entire community is proud of you, CFX.


FiveM is years of research, reverse engineering and fixes on GTA V.
Their developers deserve this little cut 1000x times more than the ridiculous owner that downloaded the latest esx release from the release section to make you happy.
So enjoy 85% of profit people like hydrogen allowed you to take.

It would be like expecting Summit or Soda to pay for the server that they stream too, so I am a little bit confused about what you mean there.

It is only if you want to PROFIT, FiveM is FREE


Yeah true, but you don’t pay for the server list, the authentication service and other services that allow multiplayer :wink:

Just because not all your content is hosted on FiveM, does not mean that a measly 15% commission rate is something extraordinary. Whether you believe it’s worth it to you or not is another question, but then simply don’t use FiveM. Just like you don’t have to agree to Twitch’s Affiliate/Partner agreement or aggressive in-player advertisement policies.

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I do like the idea of being able to profit of the project and I am totally down for giving you guys 15% but I have two main problems:

  • One: I have a personal vendetta against Tebex (formerly Buycraft) however that isn’t important to this argument.
  • Two: Servers that just want to get by (and don’t want to profit) now have to attempt to gain a larger paying base to be able to cover the 15% they originally would have kept doing the donations direct through paypal?

If the case is on that second point is that servers that are not interested in profiting are able to continue to accept the donations through the platforms that they are (just to keep the servers running) then that is a whole new thing. But going off this post it makes it seem like you are forcing anyone that wants community payment or support into using a platform they may not like/or want to use.

If someone wants to make money out of your project then fair enough you should dictate where that happens, but for what is essentially a community run GTA modification I think there needs to be some clarifications on the non-profit options as well.



And you are aware that, depending on results from this, the Patreon tier prices may be reduced and some even made free?

Maybe have a bit of an open mind instead of instantly assuming malice and spouting hatred.


No, this is only for “profit”. You can cover immediate server costs as it says in the ToS perfectly fine. That’s my understanding

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‘Non-profit options’ went out the window years ago when people started maliciously making money off of us without even asking us or giving any heads up. That ship has long-since sailed.


So for final clarification, as of the 1st of July if we want any community payment support it has to be through Tebex, regardless if it is profit or just to keep the servers up each month?