Tebex FiveM Commands

In the announcement made by FiveM Tebex Announcement and Tebex no information is detailed on the site to make their integrated shop work properly!
They us and me in particular the information necessary for the start-up of our Tebex shop with the explanation of orders to give money, vehicle, jobs and so on.
It would be very practical!

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Same here, I wish if there is a detailed explanation that can help us with this.

setmoney {id} cash 1000
addcar {id} carmodel plate
setjob {id} police 1

Are you sure ?

not working

do you have es_extended and esx_vehicleshop and esx_advancedgarage ? the commands that i said are depended pm those script

I need the command “addcar” , you have download link?

install esx_vehicleshop script first

then i think you have to make some changes …

Yes …

how do you give the player game id to tebex? tebex only pulls steam id for commands