Window Tint Meter - With Custom Prop and UI [8€]

Window Tint Meter

A realistic Window Tint Checker / Meter that will return the % of light transmission using a proper UI.


BUY IT HERE (TEBEX - 8eur+ tax)


  • Install animation
  • Custom Prop attaches to the glass
  • Realistic UI
  • Ox Inventory support (optional)
  • Works on any cars front and middle windows
  • Configure the levels % for each type of Tint


The full documentation for the Police Tools can be found here.

BUY IT HERE (TEBEX - 8eur+ tax)


This script is sold separately but is a part of my “Advanced Police Tools”, which you can learn more about here and has plenty more modules for a considerable price:

Code is accessible Partially (configs and target)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 200
Requirements ox_lib, ox_target/qb-target
Support Yes

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