Valorant Crosshair Menu - Kill & Ace Notify - Health & Ammo Hud - FiveM Standalone Script

Valorant Style Hud - Crosshair Menu/Kill Notif/Health & Ammo Hud

Valorant Style Hud is a Standalone FiveM Script inspired from Valorant Game that allows you to:

  • Customize your onw crosshair
  • Set you crosshair display to always on display or visible only by free aiming
  • Toggle valorant style hud that contain you health, armor and you weapon ammo
  • Enable or disable the animated kill notifications that ascends with each kill you make
  • Enable or disable the kill notification sound and adjusting the sound volume

Config File:

  • You can change the toggle Crosshair command “crosshair”
  • You can change the toggle Hud command “valohud”
  • You set the script to private and only whitelisted people can use this functions
Config = {}

----------------------------------- Toggle Menu/Hud commands -----------------------------------

Config.ToggleHudCommand = 'valohud'
Config.CrosshairMenuCommand = 'crosshair'

Config.ToggleByShortcuts = false -- use a keyboard button to open the crosshair menu or to toggle the health/armor hud
Config.ToggleHudShortcut = 'F10'
Config.CrosshairMenuShortcut = 'F11'

-- Note: I'm using "RegisterKeyMapping" native so you the player can change to shortcuts from his settings

---------------------- Script funtions you want your server players to use ---------------------

Config.UseHud = true -- enable/disable HUD command
Config.UseCrosshair = true -- enable/disable crosshair menu (players can still use the crosshair menu when the kill notify is enabled)
Config.UseKillNotify = true -- enable/disable kill notification (kill notification options will be removed from the menu when it's disabled)

Config.HudAlwaysOnDisplay = false -- enable/disable start the HUD automatically when the player client starts

--------------------------------------- Kill Count Reset ---------------------------------------

Config.KillNotifyType = 'tick' -- "tick" or "event" - You can use "tick" method to check if the victim is dead and notify the killer (the tick method is accurate and it uses more CPU than the event method) / or the "event" method (the event method is not accurate and sometimes it gets late)
Config.AutoResetKillCount = false -- if you want the reset the kill count notification after a few seconds from the first kill
Config.AutoResetKillCountTime = 30 -- in seconds. The kill notification count reset after 30 seconds from the first kill

-------------------- If you want specific people to be able to use the script ------------------

-- whitelist players by adding their identifiers (stream/license/ip/discord...)
Config.OnlyWhitelisted = false
Config.WhitelistedPlayers = {
	["STEAM_0:1:0000####"] = true,
    ["steam:110000######"] = true,
    ["ip:"] = true,
	["fivem:#######"] = true,
	["discord:##################"] = true,


-- Custom check function that you may use. Exemple: ESX Framework job check function
Config.EnableCustomWhiteliste = false
Config.CustomWhiteliste = function(source)
	-- local src = source

	-- local ESX = nil
	-- TriggerEvent('esx:getSharedObject', function(obj) ESX = obj end)

	-- if ESX ~= nil then
		-- local Player = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(source)
		-- if == 'police' then
			-- return true
		-- end
	-- end

	-- return false

---------------------------------- No Free Aim Crosshair Weapons -------------------------------

Config.FreeAimAtPedChangeColor = false -- set to true if you want the valo crosshair color to change when you free aiming at a ped or player

---------------------------------- No Free Aim Crosshair Weapons -------------------------------

Config.NoFreeAimWeapons = {
	[GetHashKey("weapon_sniperrifle")] = true,
	[GetHashKey("weapon_heavysniper")] = true,
	[GetHashKey("weapon_heavysniper_mk2")] = true,
	[GetHashKey("weapon_marksmanrifle")] = true,
	[GetHashKey("weapon_marksmanrifle_mk2")] = true,

------------------------------------------ Translation -----------------------------------------

Config.FlipMenuHorizontal = false -- set true if you use Arabic transition to filp to page horizontal

Config.Transition = {
	['close']                = 'Close',
	['gensettings']          = 'General Settings',
	['chdisplay']            = 'Crosshair Display:',
	['alwaysonscreen']       = 'Always on Screen',
	['freeaim']              = 'Free Aim',
	['gtadefaultcrosshair']  = 'Default GTA Crosshair:',
	['chsettings']           = 'Crosshair Settings',
	['chcolor']              = 'Crosshair color:',
	['white']                = 'White',
	['green']                = 'Green',
	['yellowgreen']          = 'Yellow Green',
	['greenyellow']          = 'Green Yellow',
	['yellow']               = 'Yellow',
	['cyan']                 = 'Cyan',
	['pink']                 = 'Pink',
	['red']                  = 'Red',
	['outlines']             = 'Outlines:',
	['on']                   = 'On',
	['off']                  = 'Off',
	['outlopacity']          = 'Outline Opacity:',
	['outlthickn']           = 'Outline Thickness:',
	['centerdot']            = 'Center Dot:',
	['centerdotop']          = 'Center Dot Opacity:',
	['centerdotthickn']      = 'Center Dot Thickness:',
	['chinlines']            = 'Crosshair Inner lines',
	['showinnerlines']       = 'Show Inner Lines',
	['inlineopacity']        = 'Inner Line Opacity:',
	['inlinelength']         = 'Inner Line Length:',
	['inlinethickn']         = 'Inner Line Thickness:',
	['inlineoffset']         = 'Inner Line Offset:',
	['choutlines']           = 'Crosshair Outer lines',
	['showoutlines']         = 'Show Outer Lines:',
	['outlineopacity']       = 'Outer Line Opacity:',
	['outlinelength']        = 'Outer Line Length:',
	['outlinethickn']        = 'Outer Line Thickness:',
	['outlineoffset']        = 'Outer Line Offset:',
	['killnotif']            = 'Kill Notifications',
	['showkillnotif']        = 'Show Kill Notifications:',
	['killnotifsound']       = 'Kill Notifications Sound:',
	['soundvolume']          = 'Sound Volume:',
	['resetdefault']         = 'RESET DEFAULT',
	['cancelchange']         = 'CANCEL CHANGE',
	['savesettings']         = 'SAVE SETTINGS',

Preview: Youtube Link
Buy here: Tebex Link ($15.99 + Tax)

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Code is accessible Config only
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1300
Requirements No
Support Yes

Looks very good, great job

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This looks very good, design on point. Would be great if we could export/import crosshair codes. But well done!

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thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

thank you @madeK3, actually the idea is in under development :wink:

Hi in your script it says the crosshairs can be kept always on but it doesn’t work. And it always resets if I close the game and restart. Share a method to contact you regarding this

Hi @TITANS_HELIOS :slightly_smiling_face:
Make sure that after you make your changes, hold (keep pressing) the Save Settings button until a notification pop-up.
And if you need any type of support, I’ll be happy to provide it to you in my Discord server.

Tried it. The cross hair doesn’t stay always on on the screen.

Id pay good money for Warzone huds or scripts :wink:

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it’s a nice idea, I have a lot of projects for a future releases, I may add this idea to the list :wink:

do you think rockstar will take down your server over this

Hi @Josh7392 :blush:
I don’t think so, it’s and inspired script. If you think otherwise please let me know.

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