Top Releases for Week 36 (04.09.2023 - 10.09.2023)

Top Releases for Week 36 (04.09.2023 - 10.09.2023)

Review of top free releases for FiveM for the last week.


Ice-Cream Café


Description: Enjoy a complete interior with ice cream machines, dining area, slushie and coffee makers, perfect for immersive role-play.

Author: @Vox_3D

Farming Props


Description: This resource provides props for growing onions, pumpkins, and salad, complete with multiple growth stages.

Author: @BzZzi

MP Female Braids


Description: This resource adds long braided hair to the MP Female character model. It includes all LODs for smooth visuals and lifelike movement.

Author: @Jaagoda

Vanilla Car Rework


Description: Enhanced Benefactor Schafter V12 with color-matched door handles, uniform black trim, black grille, darkened headlights, custom wheels, lowered suspension, front license plate removal, and improved rear fender modeling for a sleek and sporty look.

Author: @sebastian.smash

Dog-Themed Props


Description: These dog-themed props, originally from GTA V, now come with fixed collisions. The author has also created inventory item images for use with inventory scripts.

Author: @BzZzi


ESX Menu Redesign


Description: Enhance ESX Menu for 4K displays with improved visibility, legible fonts, smooth animations, and customizable themes using 30+ gradients.

Author: @frvgs




Description: This script allows players to use a boombox, placing it on the ground or carrying it on their shoulder or in hand, creating a 3D music effect. It also features an advanced UI for managing songs and playlists, enhancing the in-game music experience.

Author: @Gacha

Twitch Exclusive Live User


Description: This resource limits player playtime unless they have a linked Twitch account and are actively streaming on Twitch.

Author: @landin-oceans

Panic Button


Description: Panic button system designed for RP servers. Get instant alerts, activate it with an item or a simple command, and receive real-time notifications during intense RP scenarios, including Discord notifications and character pictures in the alerts.

Author: @Evolved-BeansFL

Casino Roulette


Description: These casino games are designed with security against cheaters and optimal FPS performance in mind. Enjoy a smooth and fair gaming experience on your server.

Author: @ChatDisabled

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Tools & Snippets:

Generate your own Vanilla FiveM server
Staff On-Duty txAdmin
Last Stand (Knockout Alternative)

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