The Vangelico Robbery [Paid Resource] [ESX]

The Vangelico Robbery

I haven’t found any good quality jewel robbery resource. So I managed to make one.

This resource gives both the criminals and police a much more fun experience while robbing the store. Alarm ringing for everyone walking by, synchronized animations with sound.

Video Showcasing A Robbery (Wanted Level is not anything inside this resource).

Paid Resource

This is a paid resource, you can find more information about this and how to purchase it at our Tebex Store for $8.75. Please refrain from commenting about Tebex, there is a different post about that.


  • Break the glass using any of the specified weapons inside our configuration file.
  • An alarm that sounds to everyone close to the store.
  • Police can turn off the alarm inside the store.
  • Easy configuration file to configure which weapons, required policemen, rewards, etc.


  1. Download the resource from your email upon completed purchase.
  2. Drag it into your resources directory.
  3. Either use the command refresh and ensure q-vangelico to start it without restarting your server. Otherwise, put q-vangelico into your server.cfg and restart your server.
  4. Add the items you want as rewards into your items database.


The resource is currently using the framework called ESX. This because of the police job requirement. This is easily removed if you would like to use this as a standalone resource.

Support & Help

If there is any problem with the resource we will always support and help you with your problem. We do not help with framework integrations if it’s not some small change. You could either private message me here on the FiveM forums or at the Tebex Store.

– Created by me qalle.


I thought FiveM community doesn’t allow selling resources on this forum @TheIndra

I don’t know if you’ve read this post, but using Tebex is approved by FiveM.


I actually didn’t. Thanks for letting me know and great resource btw


I feel like all you did was change one or two things from the original release which is this one. [Release][ESX] [Vangelico Robbery] V 2.0.0 / 2019 SEPTEMBER 02
Don’t really see the point of this cause its the same thing as every other one put out there. Nothing is unique or that stands out with this version. Add something new than just copying and releasing a script that is already free.

Really cool script, the animations are lit.

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Then use that resource? If you compare these two they’re not even close to each other. It’s just the same interior and same concept? Do you mean that he owns the rights to the vangelico?

Well just download that resource? It’s not like I’m forcing you to buy this? If you want a better resource you can purchase this? There won’t be any “ragdoll” resources…
I don’t know if you’ve watched the video and really compared the two resources.

Please refrain from commenting unnecessary comments. This resource is not associated with that resource and code-wise, they’re not even close.

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For 7 $ only breaking of glasses and adding of cash in the player account and cops will be alerted.

I refrain my own messages which our unnecessary but now this script too simple.

Money doesn’t matters 7$= 500 Rs in Indian rupees

So it include much more there , price will rise upto 10 but we need something different.

New ideas and new base would be a good job and appreciated.

Lol i dont know anything about scripting. But this looks interesting.

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Ladies… Gentlemen… Apache Helicopters…

Listen, we get it you’re all upset that the individual is making a dollar selling a resource. You’re welcome to your opinions however, we are not going to allow threads to get mucked up by bullshit banter about how you dislike this or that about Paid Resources being allowed.

You have three options when it comes to resources at this point, purchase one from the Tebex marketplace (located on our forums here), hope someone makes a free version or learn to code and make it yourself.

Moving forward, any continued bashing, complaining or advertising of other resources on this thread will lead to your ability to complain on these forums to be revoked for an undetermined time period.

@xotikorukx - If further issues arise in which do not conform to the above or our forum rules, please flag the posts for moderator review. Thank you.


Well, yes it is allowed now but is this also allowed? :wink:

This rule hasn’t been broken, I don’t know why you’re telling me this is a re-release?


Yeah sure, not a re-release at all right… Read the full rule, in fact, read them all.

Shahzam, consider yourself officially warned. I clearly explained in my message that if you had an issue to directly message the moderators yet you failed to do so.

Further violation of failing to follow simple rules will lead to moderation.


There was no notification of anything.

Price is ok, quality 10/10, my only question is… is crypted code? If it’s not crypted i’ll be very happy to pay for resource like this with this price, thank you :slight_smile:
EDIT: Got it I pay and I test it, is not crypted thank you!

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was there any error on your F8?

No is just a perfect script

Looking very good !
Loving the glass that acutally break with the animations, good job on this one :wink:
And god damn people for only 7$ this is nothing, when i see some ressource that are being sold for way more, this is just a perfect ressource


is this alert on esx police job??..