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Signal One Role Play is a brand new fully California based community that a group of friends have spent a lot of time working on. We strive to be as lenient as we can to provide our members with the best RP experience possible! We are a new community with a bright future and we would love for you to join us as our applications are now OPEN! Our community is dedicated to professional role play and all our members will go through our extensive training in their selected department. Please remember to check back here to see which departments are open and which are closed! Departments:

Law Enforcement - Open
Civilian - Open
Communications - Open
Fire Department - Open

We are always expanding and have big plans in mind! So what are you waiting for? Come along the journey and start your career, with S1RP, and if you have any questions feel free to ask here on this topic or join our Fan Discord shown on our website!

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The California Highway Patrol pulled over 2 offroad buggies that were seen street racing @ 21:42. While on the traffic stop Lieutenant Cabetta noticed an odd smell coming from both drivers, so he went back to his vehicle and ran their names, and got LASD to assist him on his stop, once LASD arrived LT. Cabetta ordered both drivers out of the vehicle, they complied and apon further investigation LT. found out that both drivers were dangerously intoxicating, both playing a 0.30+ on the Breathalyzer, LT. Cabetta and the LASD deputies arrested both males, and both were charged for (8)21 Motor Vehicle Contest & (8)24 Enhanced DUI. At this time both suspects are awaiting trial.

The Los Angeles Police Department got in a shootout this morning @ 09:12 at the Chevron Gas Station in Beverly Hills, with suspect Ronald James. James was seen on bodycam approaching LAPD Officer Reyes, asking “Did you hear about that man with the firearm down the road? You gotta go check it out!”, Ofc. Reyes replied stating that he will go investigate, while he was walking back to his vehicle Ronald James pulled out a firearm and fired a total of 6 rounds from a Glock 14, 1 landed in Reyes knee, and unfortunately, 3 landed in his upper chest area, and one made it through the vest into the stomach. Thankfully CHP Lieutenant Puckett & LAPD Supervisor Whitmore were getting fuel at the time of this occurring, and fired a combined total of 18 rounds into James muscle car after he attempted to flee, at this time the Los Angeles County Coroner & The LAPD Detective Unit have completed their investigation and found Ronald James was intoxicated during the incident. Ronald James has been pronounced dead and Officer Reyes is currently staying at the LAC+USC Medical Center as he is currently in critical condition. - Channel 6 News

ANOTHER TRAGIC DAY IN LOS ANGELES: @ 02:19 The Los Angeles Police Department received a 911 call regarding a suspect firing weapons at Employees of the Santa Monica Pier, LAPD Officer Moore arrived on scene as the primary unit, and immediately Ofc. Moore called for additional units and the activation of the LAPD SWAT, CHP Lieutenant Puckett arrived on scene and ordered Ofc. Moore to stage at the entrance of the Pier, unfortunately, there was a loss in communication which resulted in Officer Moore moving up alone, unfortunately Moore was shot at the entrance of the Santa Monica Pier parking lot. Officer Moore was shot 2 times by an AR-15, Moore was hit in the left leg, and the right arm, resulting in him being unable to move, LT. Puckett waited for LAPD SWAT to arrive. @ 02:36 LAPD SWAT arrived to the scene and immediately LT. Puckett and SWAT Supervisor Cabetta moved up to search for the suspect. The suspect attempted to flee but LT. Puckett caught him and fired 5 rounds into the suspect’s chest/stomach, the suspect was then seen down and Supervisor Cabetta & LT. Puckett moved up to clear the body in the SWAT Vehicle, the body was cleared and the Los Angeles County Coroner, The Los Angeles Fire Department, & The LAPD Detective Unit were called to investigate the scene and tend to the down Officer & Downed suspect. At this time all agencies have successfully conducted their investigation, and the suspect (Ricky Johnson) has been declared dead, and Officer Moore has been transported to LAC+USC Medical Center and is set to fully recover within 4-6 weeks. A combined total of 198 shots were fired from both the suspect, and the Officers on scene. Unfortunately, 6 lives were lost and 4 employees are currently in the emergency room seeking attention for their injuries. - Channel 6 News

LAPD & CHP on scene at a house burglary call!

If you’re looking for a fun and relaxed yet challenging and legit experience for your RP needs, S1RP is the place to go. Have a fully California based server for you Cali lovers. Run any LEO department you want at anytime and little to no vehicle structure so you don’t have to play for months to make your way up to a rank to drive your favorite vehicle. First day, hop into your Tahoe hehe!

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LAPD Rolling deep at a noise disturbance call

LAPD SWAT finally take down bank robbery suspect after 4 hours of negotiating, watch it live on our Director’s twitch!

One of the best servers out there! Definitely, one of the best when it comes to freedom!

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Coming soon to a California based server near you, join today and start your career with Signal One!

CHP & LASD taking a man in custody for Grand Theft Auto!

An amazing FiveM community with wonderful members. Very professional RP by everyone in the community!

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Huge Pursuit with the LAPD & CHP ends in shootout at an Italian restaurant in Venice Beach.

Showing love to the Civilian Department, which is fully lenient, any Civ can do just about anything at the lowest rank, what are you waiting for, join us and start your career at Signal One Roleplay!


Showing some love to LASD!


LAPD Responding Code 3

LAFD & CHP looking beautiful!

CHP Sector 530 (South LA) taking down a police report regarding a stolen Sandking!