[RETEXTURE] Casino Circuit

Casino Circuit

YouTube Video: Click to see
Tebex (rtx): Click to go (4.88 EUR*)

*Tax included

Change of texture of the circuit behind the casino. The ground collisions have also been modified to ensure that no vehicle tracks are present and that the vehicle goes to maximum performance!

Coordinates: 1170.94, 267.08, 81.99

Info: In addition to the textures, the collisions of the surrounding terrain have been changed. Textures and collisions do not interfere with potential cusom casino maps


Other works:

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So a paid OCRP Race track…

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I don’t know what “OCRP” is. It is for a fee because behind there is a work of modification not only of the texture but also of the collisions that make you have the grooves of the tires for the ground thus effectively making it a usable track for cars.

I like this! I love the idea of making this into a little race track!

However, If I may make a little suggestion to improve this circuit:

  • Clean out the stables and make it in to a pit area for mechanics
  • Make a little road up from the parking lot to the track, maybe add a little automatic barrier.
  • Add markings on the road ofcourse

With that you can easily sell alot more of this, even double the price if wanted.



Ive had this track for 3 years at least.
Someone made this a long time ago lol

People seriously should use the search option before they try and sell free stuff on here.


I was not aware of this resource. In any case, if the fivem team has accepted everything, I don’t see why not. Everyone spends their money as they see fit, they don’t have to buy it.

Thanks for the proposal. I had already thought about it but I wanted to publish this for the moment.

That is OCRP map is not compatible with with many maps (the new casino and casino IPLs many servers use) it’s not an option for most folks.

If this map is, then people will want it.

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