[MLO] Riva del mar Apartments

MLO Riva del mar Apartments


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From the base of an existing building on the map of GTA V an interior MLO was created to place the office of “Riva del mar Apartments”. The building was pierced and the internal texture changed, a 3D model was created adapting it to the building previously pierced and then the necessary props were added to embellish it. Later, bespoke props were also created such as the logo and the entrance doors.

Coordinates: -1021.83, -1519.97, 5.59
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Files: 14
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I don’t think this is how liability works, sorry.


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Source: https://www.altalex.com/documents/news/2016/04/06/e-commerce-b2cvendere-online-tra-rispetto-della-normativa-e-attenzione-per-il-cliente

Sorry, I wasn’t clear in what I was referring to. While you can state liabilities can’t be held against you, the owners of the copyrighted works you used can still hold you liable, referring to this of course:

That aside, this MLO looks good – some better lighting inside would be an improvement though.

Thanks for the clarification, however in this construction there are no intellectual property holders so the problem does not arise. For the lighting I’m taking steps to release updates.

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just saying if your going to be selling a mlo for 20.40 EUR at least make sure your time cycle are correct … this is the reason why you fbi counter look black when it ment to look wood brown … try lowing the price to like 10 EUR if your not going to sort the problems out

also you need to fix the outside vanishing too … this could be bbmin and bbmax needs fixing or your occlusions … just look at 30 seconds in the video when you turn around by the door :wink:

Thanks for the advice, the light inside the room has been resolved as you can see from the images, soon I’ll also change the video. For external loading it is due to a setting selected by me and does not affect the map itself.

If people going to be spending money they want to complete

also 8.40 EUR is a good price for this bro … nice to see you taken the advice <3

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