[Release] OCRP’s Casino Street Track

Here is our casino street track, hope everyone enjoys it, HUGE thanks to @JakeK and @Smallo with doing a lot of the development for this

Also a big thanks @xLogicc, Jeff Favignano, and the rest of the OCRP devs that helped bring this together

Download Link:
ocrp racetrack


Looks great<3

Hey assholes, how about when you release something that other people make you credit them.

Thanks to @JakeK for making this and for @Smallo assisting with the collisions.


@Smallo as i know you did this

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Thanks for all the work you did @Smallo and @JakeK.


Didnt know you worked on this, got you guys mentioned though, sorry about that

Couple 4K shots for ya. Look’s really good and like it’s supposed to be there originally. Thanks for this!

did you start both resources?

Yea that was the issue. Had an extra line at the end of the other resource lol. Can’t believe I didn’t check that. Screenshots updated! Thanks again.

nice snail :slight_smile:


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Looks familiar, but seems different

a nice little… hey this is how u install would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

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You install it just like any other resource…

your welcome for the rebulid DAVE

I have been trying to figure out how to change the billboards to host my own server logo instead of the ocrp. do you have a template you used or such. or anyone here willing to make it work with my logo.

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there it no template for them as they are ingame props u need to use openiv to change them

get the prop name put it in to openiv once in there find the board export it to a folder change the logo put it back in openiv then export the new file add it to the track file then ur good to go

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i tried this 2 of them worked but this one



i tried placing my images on top of these images and that just messed it all up. thats the only one i am having issues doing

infield/pits area is still dirt when you’re on the track, lots of collisions when you try to enter the track and have to no clip to get onto it. Is it supposed to be this way? We can fix it but.


how do you enter its block by a fence and a wall