[MLO] PizzaThis

MLO PizzaThis

YouTube video: Click to see
Tebex: Click to go (8.78 EUR)

An MLO interior of a slice pizzeria called “PizzaThis” was created from a basic texture of a GTA building. The map features several custom props created specifically for the map. There is only one room that contains the counter, the cash register, the oven, a table for eating and shelves and shelves.

Note: I take no responsibility for what may happen after the purchase and use of the map in case of problems or related entities. The disclosure and sale of the map to third parties is prohibited.



16 mb? How?

The weight of the folder is about 16MB.

he means why is the folder 16mbs lol … thats a lot for a box with gta props lol

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4k textures probably :thinking:

Hello, for paid interior here still need more work( light, vertex colors, more details). Just a advice.
For example one screenshot of my bread store interior:


As far as I know there are no standards, if you want to buy the map you can do it like no, thank you for the advice but I don’t take it as an obligation.

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