[Release][Standalone] Listen to music wherever you want, headphones, radio

  • You can spawn radio, boombox, mp3 player wherever you want and listen to radio stations.
  • Any radio, boombox, mp3 player in the world can be turned on.
  • Synchronized with all players.
  • You can listen to music with headphones.
  • You can listen to custom radio with headphones. If you use Radio JS, then the folder contains instructions on how to turn it on in the headphones.
  • Open Source, lua
  • To open menu press F1
  • To Change Radio Station press arrow right/left

To install, just drop the folder into the resource folder and write start static_radio in server.cfg

To Purchse - https://armaron-store.tebex.io/package/4439243


YT prewiew

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a permission based version could be cool, adding steam IDs for trusted people to use

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Or just a command instead of button that maybe checks for groups. But it should be easy to add yourself :slight_smile:

better if you can stream a music

you can stream custom radio in headphones using Radio JS

Soooo coool! Love the preview video! Hope to get this one day!!

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