[Paid][Standalone] Ball games (soccer, basketball volleyball)

You can play football, bastkeball, volleyball

1. Synchronized between players.
2. You can spawn all balls in the game.
3. You can interact with the balls in the world without spawning them.
4. You can adjust the power of the kick or throw by holding the button

To Purachse - https://armaron-store.tebex.io/package/4425002

  • F1 - spawn Menu
  • Caps Lock - throw the ball
  • E - kick the soccer ball




My Oher works:


open source ?

on lua, open

Can you re-upload the video? it’s down because of copyright :///

Where can i remove a ball?

This is a great idea, looks really good!

no, but this is not a problem, I can implement this

Okay, is there also a option to use esx menu default instead of this ui?

yes, you just need to disable this menu, and use in the ESX menu, the function that is used to create the ball.

can you do it in menudefault for me? i bought it

What is the trigger to open the menu via a other menu?

106 row

sorry i don’t know ESX very well

please the option to delete

can i know where i can get updates? maybe a discord server

I will write in the topic.

upd. I made delete ball and some improvments

I buy it if you open all files. No encryption.

all files is open

Then i buy it thank you!