[PAID][REALEASE] Static Radio: Custom Radio Stations On Props

Custom Radio stations on world props

  • Allows you listen to your radio on the music props of the world
  • Plays the radio stream, online audio file
  • 3d sound
  • Synchronized between players.
  • Just paste the URL in the config to your favorite radio and listen to it in the game with other players.


Tebex : https://armaron-store.tebex.io/package/4713456

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Do we need any dependencies to get this resource working or it handles the 3d audio itself?

no dependencies, standalone

I liked.

Would I be able to integrate this into a mumble voip channel? So you can listen to the police radio for example

in the future it is possible, but in this option it is not

Why does it play cuban music when you add another station??

How can you add your own music and NOT an internet radio web address ?