[Realese]Simple Shooting Range

A simple shooting range script
The shooting range that is located in the weapons store. Targets can be moved and removed. Install new ones. StandAlone
Coordinates : 8.0636377334595,-1096.0023193359,29.797027587891

  • Press E - place / remove targets
  • To move targets press PgUP, PgDn

To Purchase: https://armaron-store.tebex.io/package/4399317 - 5.29$

Various aiming style

My Other Work - https://armaron-store.tebex.io/package/4403910


This is pretty legit, well done.

Just put this in our server and it’s pretty slick. Now to dive in and modify it to try and add the ranges at the Mission Row PD and our Police Academy. Also gotta sort out how to get the 1st target to use the model from the 2nd or 3rd because the 1st target doesn’t show hits very well.

just change prop_range_target_01 to prop_range_target_02 or prop_range_target_03 in 180 row

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Nice script. Can u add new future: Licence for guns?