[Release]Recruit to your gang/Group relationship(npc)

This mod allows you to take NPCs into your group, as well as manage them, order them to attack, control movement, transfer weapons, etc.

Also included in the mod is a script that regulates the relationship between the player and the NPC. That is, if you are a biker, then all NPC bikers will not attack you, you can hire them to your group.

Open source, lua, standalone

To install, just write start addcompanion to your server.cfg

To Purchase: https://armaron-store.tebex.io/package/4460200

There are commands in the script:
/imcivil - makes you a civilian
/impolice - makes you a police
/imbiker - makes you a biker
/imvagos - makes you a vagos
/imballas - makes you a ballas
/imrednack - makes you a rednack
/imcult - makes you a cultist
/imfam - makes you a famillies

E - Invite to the Group
H - give Weapon to a Ped
L.alt - go to the point
G - attack a target
Caps Lock - push a target (storm a target)
F1 - main menu



You can use these commands to set up a relationship between NPС, or you can use events in your mod to automatically assign a group. I have added comments in the code and event examples. Or you can write me a question in PM how to do it.

if activated

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look sick bro !

WOW! amazing

curious whats the resmon take from this?

if activated

Any chance you tested this out with onesync, or with more than one player near the npc. I have always had trouble with npc relationships when there are more than one player on. Looks amazing thanks for the hard work!

Relationship tested for onesync, onesync infinity with multiple people. Everything worked stably

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thank you for the speedy reply! keep up the good work.

upd. some fixes
redownload who bought the script

Anyone been able to convert for ESX yet? I’m having issues checking for the correct job and passing the correct group on.

he wrote that he was doing it

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upd some fixes
redownload who bought the script

working on it, but dont have a whole lot of time at the moment. if anyone else figures it out, please let me know.

Man you are so crazyyyyyyyyy

not working for me

when i invite npc to me group they stand and dont move and wont follow me or nothing

does it works in ESX??

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you must be in the same group with the npc, if you want to take, for example, a ballas to the group, then write /imballas and invite to the group

i already did that and it work but thay dont follow me or go on the car. also when i take a guy it dont show on members

then this npc is not your group most likely