[Release] Seatbelt UPDATED

Seatbelt for FiveM

This is an edit of the script [Release] Seatbelt with blinking warning indicator

Default key: K (you can change it. Check configs.)

Requirements: There are no requirements

Github: https://github.com/TehRamsus/Seatbelt

Installation: Read instructions on Github. (ps. You can change now settings of config.lua file)


This works on ESX?

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its a standalone resource so yes it would


Yeah, it work with esx. Its standalone script.


Unlisted until you ask the original creators and get permission from them to use their resources for your own release. Changes are minimal to call this your own.

Hi , what should i type in line 59 if i want it to be button “x”?

@d0p3t I’m pretty sure it’s okay. He got my permission (I wasn’t asked tho…) and I’ve got a mail from IndianaBones (original seatbelt creator) regarding his scripts saying:


Yes it is. I haven’t logged in for a while.
Feel free to do what ever you want with the scripts. :slight_smile:

The original purpose of that Seat belt repository was to give people one idea about how to approach the problem. The game had been available for ages, and to my surprise none of the servers I played on had seat belts of any kind.

Works like a charm!

Just one little issue.
With the original seatbelt script i couldn’t get out of the car with the seatbelt on.
Now i can get out of the car with my seatbelt still on.
Would be cooler if you have to get your seatbelt off before you can get out of the car.


Just change the key number on line 35 of main.lua from 57 to whatever key you want. I changed mine to 75 (F key).

if beltOn then DisableControlAction(0, 75) end
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@Lith ah crap you’re right.
I actually already tried to modify that.
I Just changed it to the wrong F Key, #23 to be exact.
Haha my bad!


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Yeah I did that too the first time :slight_smile:.

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Find x button and change correct number



Hello everybody! i finished animate about this seat belt script. Its little bit bad, because i did not find good animation. If somebody know good animation, when character turn on and off, please send dm me. I am eternally grateful.


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Hey, with this script you can go through car glass if you without seatbelt?

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is there a way to make it when i leave the vehicle that the belt not on sound instantly stops and does play the full sound?

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Yeah it is.

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Yes, you can.


Please fix bug you can get out of car if your seatbelt is on and on bike i can seatbelt on…

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This is nice but it doesn’t cancel the sound when exiting vehicle.