[Release] Seatbelt with blinking warning indicator

Nice Script! Is it possible to add loop alert sound during seatbelts off?
I try with this but i don’t know how to loop it:

TriggerServerEvent('InteractSound_SV:PlayWithinDistance', 0.1, 'seatbelt', 0.1)


TriggerEvent("pNotify:SendNotification", {text = "Seatbelts off", type = "error", timeout = 1400, layout = "centerLeft"}) 
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Try something like

while (seatbelt == false) then
TriggerServerEvent('InteractSound_SV:PlayWithinDistance', 0.1, 'seatbelt', 0.1)

You would need to change the code a bit but it should work with something like that.

Nice work, now I want to see people forget to put on the belt

is there away to move the blinker I want it over the other side (top right of my mini map)

yes read
all the comments

Does this possibly interfere with any damage scripts? I have not had it fly out the car

Thank you for sharing it’s great!
Only downside is that we are not ejected from the car, I tried to rectify it does not work an idea?

where would i stick this,

if you wanna move the indicator just go to : html/style and change …top… and …left…

#container {
position: absolute;
top: 80vh;
bottom: -100%;
left: 22%; /25/
width: 80px;
height: 80px;
display: none;
flex-direction: column;

this code look like this pic


is there anyway to have this detectable by other players? thinking it would be nice if police could see if you had a seatbelt on.

Yes. You can use the decorator bool natives

Was thinking maybe could use the 3dme resource and have it bind them together so the cop can ask to check your seat belt and it would pop up if you click it on or off.

There is many ways that it could be done.

Im messing around now and trying to test it.

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Welp it works lol
And the seat belt warning light on the cluster (right side in the of RPMs) still works with it as well.

maybe even as simple as having the icon appear above a player if they dont wear the seat belt? restricted to say 5 meters before you cant see in anymore

3dme? you have a link?

I have been trying but cant seem to get it to pop up. ill keep trying tho

Solution to seat belt warning sound with interact sound:

  while true do
    if not beltOn and wasInCar == true then
                TriggerServerEvent('InteractSound_SV:PlayWithinDistance', 0.1, 'seatbelt', 0.1)
                Citizen.Wait(HERE TIME OF SEATBELT SOUND)