Click It Or Ticket [One Of A Kind]

Is there anyway to disable controller commands for this script?

So it’s bound to the 311 key (aka K) but FiveM is weird and doesn’t always give you access to the keys you want due to the GTA 5 keys, you can see a full list of the possible keys you can use here: Controls (


I just want to say thank you for all your support on this script, this really has helped us get our motivation up. Expect more scripts from us in the future.

Thank you,
Jordan. | Rocket Development

Any reason why it says there is a config.lua but it is not present in the file?

TBH I just put that at the top of all my scripts so people don’t complain but I forgot it said config.lua

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Sounds good, also quick question will this script ever be receiving ejecting people out of there car if there seat belt is not on? ==== also if it is included I have not seen it happen so if it is what is chance of getting ejected

Been using this script for about little over a month. Very good script but lack of support, and lack of a config.lua. Kept saying will be released in the next update but pushed back again. Provided screenshot of the config.lua but nothing keeps getting pushed back.

Yeah - lack of support and updates as promised are a downside.

Hey there everyone!

We have officially released version 2.0 of CIOT! We have completely revamped the entire script starting with a config file. You can find the update here

anyone know how to repostion the seatbelt simbal??

Is this script still available?

Looks like the dev is gone. Script still works but no way to buy it.

Discord is missing and so is their site.

Yeaa, I change domains, lemme set up the tebex one sec, the link will be

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Bought package…link does not exist anymore…

the Google drive link might have expired, you can shoot me an email (from the tebex receipt) and I can help you out

Ip lock… sadly I dont buy it now.

IP locks, obfuscation, etc. are not permitted. @Jordan2139
Might want to change that if this is true.

Hey can you please respond to your email. Drive link is expired.

Also sounds arent working:

e[38;5;201m[script:Click-It-or-T] Error parsing script @Click-It-or-Ticket/server.lua in resource Click-It-or-Ticket: @Click-It-or-Ticket/server.lua:30: syntax error near ‘<\144>’

Why does your code look exactly like Seatbelt by TehRamsus?

Does anyone know how to change the script to when you get out of a vehicle the seatbelt automatically becomes unbuckled?