[Release][ESX][Free] Cosmo HUD and Speedometer

Has anyone figured out why hunger, thirst etc doesn’t return? I don’t get any errors

for anyone using postal map, eg for me its ocrp postal map…
to stop the map pulsing go into postal maps client.lua,
and null out this part like this…

while true do
if IsPedOnFoot(GetPlayerPed(-1)) then
elseif IsPedInAnyVehicle(GetPlayerPed(-1), true) then

and it should fix it.

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is there a command to hide the hud , like for screenshots and stuff?

Anyone get seatbelt added successfully? I tried to rip out from trew but that was a mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

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you got the fix?

[Release] Seatbelt UPDATED Just move the blinking warning light where you want.

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Anyone can help me, I got the multicharacter, but the HUD don’t want to work, like I got the circles, but but not the eating progress color and the water progress status (note than the life progress status is not display to), any solution? Thanks!

Perfect, this does to the job but would be nice to have it just natively in cosmo like trew for instance.

I feel ya

Anyone get Config.UseRadio to work for mumble?

For the voice icon to work with pma, put:

TriggerEvent(‘pma-voice:setTalkingMode’, voiceMode)

Hey bud, I tried this however I keep getting an error.

I am changing it on line 192 in pma_voice/client/main.lua - is this correct?

After relogging the minimap gets extremely big and there is no circle when im inside the car.

Can someone help me please

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Did you manage to fix it?

let me know if you find a fix, i can’t get it to work.

I have this problem too and I think something is wrong with the streamed files

Why does my character status not change

it sometimes still happens that the map gets big

im also getting the big map now everytime the server start