[Release] Seatbelt UPDATED

hello im still having trouble could you explain it a bit more

Work me.

Hey everybody!! Really nice script but i have one question. Is there a way to desactivate the seatbelt on bikes and motorbikes?? Cuz still asking to work on motorbikes and bikes and makes no sense xDDD


I downloaded these files and threw them into a folder after they started the server they do not work help me

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Hello. Its coming maybe. Please patience
Kinds regards

That link doesn’t work. :frowning:

It work, please use other browser.

Hello i have 2 problems. When seatbelt in on i can get out of the car. How i can change it. The secound problem in when im in the Motocycle seatbelts are working, how to disable it?

Hey, awesome script i was looking for this!

i would really like to see new/updates features like not being able to get out of the car when the seatbelt is on, flying trough the window when the seatbelt is off and your crashing into a wall or other car, no seatbelts for bikes and motorcycles and maybe a method for cops to see if people are wearing their seatbelt (for rp servers?)

offcourse it’s ur own choice if u add them but it would be awesome if they were to be added!

keep up the great job man!


How do I make the seatbelt noise stop faster upon exiting a vehicle?

Is there a way to disable the seatbelt noise while viewing cars at the shop?

Is there a way to add a different image for when the belt is on?

Im sorry but im kind of new on fivem . I already add this resources to my server but is not working, aint doing nothing! I dont know where to start looking for !

You have to add it to your Server.cfg.

hello. I cant currently stop noice when you browse cars. sorry. it must edit vehicleshop esx resource.

its some cars. i dont know, why seatbelt not work all cars. And this RP server method. Its good suggestion. Its possible, but i must first script it.


hoping u will do that, looking forward to it!
Those features will really make it a lot more like real life :smiley:

Keep it up!

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Im sorry, maybe i missexplain my self, i pass throw that. Added on my server.cfg, add the ressource and restart my server. And it wont work.

Does anyone else know how to remove the dinging when viewing in car shop? Otherwise may have to remove the sound.

Its not currently possible. It must edit vehicleshop resource, but i dont know how. so not now.


I cant seem to change the volume of the sound, any ideas?

you find volume changer in line 125
** TriggerServerEvent(‘InteractSound_SV:PlayWithinDistance’, 0.3, ‘seatbelt’, 0.3)**
change 0.3 number, examble to 0.2 or 0.1